B-25 Gathering, Mitchell Twin Engine Bomber

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The B-25 “Mitchell” twin engine bomber was famous for flying off a carrier to bomb Japan in 1942, and in 2017 a 75th anniversary event was held that included a “B-25 Gathering” at Urbana, Ohio with no less than 12 different aircraft.

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75 years after the “Doolittle Raid” in 1941, 12 B-25’s staged a visit to Dayton, Ohio. We’ll see 8 of the 12 aircraft flying during the day. You will see all different models of the twin-engine aircraft that are considered to be some of the best sounding radial engines of this time period. We will see a regular B-25, a B-25D, a rare B-25H, several B-25J, and a couple PBJ aircraft in Naval or Marine livery. We’re there when 11 of these aircraft took off – one every 5 minutes roared down past us and headed south into the morning sky. What a sight to see all these aircraft starting engines and lined up for their turn. Here is a list of the 12 we get to see flying: Miss Hap, Yankee Warrior, Miss Mitchell, God and Country, Betty’s Dream, Show Me, Panchito, Devil Dog, Semper Fi, Champaign Gal, Barbi III and Georgie’s Gal.



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