The Dauntless, World War 2 SBD Bomber

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This World War Two aircraft was built as a scout/dive bomber, thus the designation SBD Dauntless.

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This aircraft is one of only 2 operational SBD Dauntless today, so seeing this rare bird fly is unique. We will see it in Cincinnati, Ohio, arriving from its previous engagement and several close-up shots of taxi, start-ups, take-offs, landings, and some nice low passes over the field. There is a brief history of the aircraft, then live audio with minimal narration for the show. In addition to this modern footage, we have included the World War 2 film “Pacific Milk Run” which is about 17 minutes. This film, made by the Navy and Marines, shows operations off a pacific island with the SBD’s, B-25’s, TBM’s, and Corsairs in action. This film perfectly compliments the modern footage we have shot. Those radial engines sound great in our footage and in the film.

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1 review for The Dauntless, World War 2 SBD Bomber

  1. T.A.R.

    Another great film about a great ww2 plane. See the Dantless arrive in Cincinnati, Ohio from another engagement. See lots of close up of this plane, including start ups, taxing, take offs and much more, Hear a brief history about this airplane and how it works and fly’s. Included is the ww2 film “Pacific Milk Run”, which is a 17 minute long film made by the Navy and the Marines which shows the SBD, B-25, TMB, and Corsairs in action. Great radial engine sounds included. Great film.

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