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Lake Hood, next to Anchorage International in Alaska is the busiest float plane harbor in the world! We take off from there in a Dehavilland Beaver and fly off to Katmai National park to see the bears.

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Lake Hood, next to Anchorage International Airport in Alaska is the busiest float plane harbor in the world and we will spend some time there watching the activity there. Then we’re off to Katmai National park to see the bears. We travel there in the right hand front seat of a Dehavilland Beaver of Rust’s Flying Service, across the tundra and through the magnificent Clark River Valley, where mountains and glaciers tower over our aircraft. We spend a little time in Katmai, watching a young bear learning to fish, then it’s back to Anchorage on the Beaver. Spectacular Alaskan scenery!

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2 reviews for Alaskan Float Plane

  1. holstein man

    In a word…… Boring.
    I enjoy the start watching the planes take off and land on the water…. but after several that are all the same with very limited narration….time to get a beer and wait it out til the next segment. We then (finally) get to go for a flight to find bears. Again….. very limited narration so really not that interesting except for some very beautiful scenery. We do get to see bears fishing, and that is very interesting also. But the time span watching the bears is not much compared to the flight time and the take off/landing segment.
    This video needs a lot of narration or screen graphics to tell the story as it goes along. Very disappointed with it over all. The plus side is the scenery seen while in flight.
    I would not recommend this video to anyone.

  2. T.A. Ross

    What a great Dvd. It is true it is the busiest float plane area in the world. So much action & so many types of float planes both single & twin. The scenery is great also, an assortment of float plane airlines. Lot of action. 5 Star rating.

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