Steel Giants of the B&O Railroad

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See six historic engines, and hear their stories. These engines changed American railroading. A portion of the proceeds go to the B&O Museum's restoration operations. Includes a booklet on these locomotives!

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Six Locomotives, Their Makings and Their Mark on America, on the World. In many ways, the railroad was the world’s first internet: connecting people and communities, commerce and ideas… and making collaborations and opportunities possible in ways that were unimaginable prior to its existence. This documentary spans 150 fascinating years of history, technology, and innovation. It tells the stories of six engines and their purpose, design, and impact on America’s development as well as its influence on the rest of the world. The stories are as relevant in the 21st century as they were in the 19th century. This documentary is for the curious, the interested, the learner, and the teacher. It is just as much for those who are interested in history or possibilities as it is for the enthusiast and hobbyist. It is for all of us who hear a train whistle and are transported back to a childhood memory, or are looking to remember one.

This DVD showcases six locomotives from the B&O Railroad Museum:
* The York. A 1927 replica of the influential 1831 locomotive.

* B&O #57, The Memnon. 1848, nicknamed “Old War Horse” for its role in the Civil War.

* B&O #600 JC Davis. 1875, epitome of Victorian locomotive design.

* CNJ #1000. 1925, first successful diesel locomotive used in mainline service.

* C&O #1604. 1941, one of two in existence, the most powerful steam locomotive ever built.

* B&O 3802. 1967, Chessie System Railway; GP38 engine named “The All-American Diesel” by Trains Magazine.

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