Penn Central, Film by Emery Gulash, Special Collectors Package, 4 Discs

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A giant from two giants, the Penn Central tried to save the New York Central and the Pennsylvania from finacial ruin, but facing the same economic headwinds, ultimately failed. However it was certainly an interesting period, and this 7 programs on 4 discs Collectors Set covers it all!

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Penn Central 1, Part 1
Starts prior to the merger of the Pennsylvania Railroad and New York Central System, with scenes near Valparaiso, Indiana and Wayne, Michigan. After the Penn Central merger, the action centers near Detroit, Altoona, St. Louis where for most of 1968, the motive power was predominately in NYC & PRR schemes. The PC herald was primarily sighted on the main lines of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Penn Central 1, Part 2
1969 operations, starting with January action in Michigan and Ohio. We visit Windsor, Canada and then progress through Buffalo, New York, followed by Pittsburgh, Ohio, and Michigan. Wreck train equipment and a steam train through Buffalo!

Penn Central 2
1971 and 1972. We’ll visit locations in Chicago, Ohio and Michigan. Passenger and freight action as well as equipment still painted in NYC livery. We’ll see the beginning of Amtrak’s take over of passenger service. See The Wolverine, The Lake Shore, The National Limited.

Penn Central 3
By mid 1971, Emery Gulash had his movie camera trained on America’s railroad capital, Chicago, as Amtrak and Penn Central trains burnish the rails in and out of Union Station. The old Michigan Central depot at Detroit also serves as a base for Emery as he returns to film trains at the formidable structure (Now being restored!). This full show winds up with scenes of two special passenger trains operated by the Chessie System for General Motors executives.

Penn Central 4
By now there was not much hope on the Penn Central, It had failed financially and on April 1, 1976, it would be absorbed into Conrail. Meanwhile, the work must go on, and we will see it at Dearborn, South Junction Yard, Michigan, Romulus, Wayne Junction, Ann Arbor, Ohio, The Northeast Corridor and more!

Penn Central 5
The Penn Central was suspended in financial limbo when Emery Gulash shot these scenes. The middle of the decade was the worst of times for the PC, but the rail action was definitely dynamic. Countless famous railroad locations with an assortment of power from EMD. GE and ALCO!

Penn Central 6
Long after Conrail absorbed the Penn Central and six other railroads in the Northeast, many locomotives continued to ply the rails in PC paint, or in the paint schemes of the Erie Lackawanna, Reading, Lehigh Valley, and other merger roads. Even as newly painted blue Conrail locomotives appeared here and there, the old power still held its ground, often with stenciled “CR” initials. Locations: Altoona area and a variety of spots in Michigan.

Bonus Program: Pennsylvania Railroad.
This show covers the time frame from 1952 to 1969. Follow Emery Gulash and his 16mm Bolex camera as he records in beautiful color the end of steam and the transition to first generation diesels. You’ll see Decapods, Baldwin Centipedes, and Sharks, F units, early Geeps, GG-1s, Alco RS-3s, just to name a few. Locations: Tunnel Hill, Horseshoe Curve, Holidaysburg, Altoona, Fort Wayne, Wallbridge Yard, The “Corridor” as well as many other hot spots. You’ll see many of the Pennsy’s name trains such as The Duquesne, The Pennsylvania Limited, The Broadway Limited, and freight and electric too!

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