Diesels on the Union Pacific, 2 Disc Set

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Filmed in the 1980’s on the Union Pacific mainline East and West of Cheyenne, Wyoming. So many diesels, it takes two discs!

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Filmed in the 1980’s on the Union Pacific mainline East and West of Cheyenne, Wyoming. So many diesels, it takes two discs!

Disc One: Diesels on the Union Pacific. You are on the Union Pacific mainline west of Cheyenne, Wyoming . It’s the 1980’s and the venerable 6,600 horsepower DDA40X Centennial 6900’s have been reactivated for one last stand. Watch this example of Union Pacific’s quest for big power as it climbs Sherman Hill and roars westward past Tie Siding and on to Colores, Wyoming. The EMD SD40-2 and the GE U30C, both rated at 3,000 horsepower, are also seen in abundance. Get close to the action as we tour the Cheyenne Yards. Then from the Yardmaster’s Tower we get an overall view as trains arrive and depart this busy division point.

Disc Two: Diesels on the Union Pacific the Sequel Return to the 80’s again for further adventures of the SD40-2, the U30C and the DDA40X Centennials on the Union Pacific mainline out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. We explore the New Line west of Cheyenne and experience the fury of a Wyoming blizzard as trains battle snow out of Cheyenne. The blizzard continues as we meet Amtrak’s “San Francisco Zephyr” at Borie. Climb aboard Centennial #6922 for an exciting ride in the cab of this famous locomotive from Denver to Cheyenne.

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4 reviews for Diesels on the Union Pacific, 2 Disc Set

  1. Lloyd

    here is a great look at UP’s DDA40X units in operation as they work Sherman Hill. Of course there are many other power units to see like the SD40-2’s . I enjoy seeing the Centennials working in the winter time and being treated to a cab ride. Another fine treat is seeing the yards at Cheyenne Wyoming. An excellent presentation.

  2. rickyfreni

    A look at the Cheyenne shops are included and we see multiple diesels being serviced and moving in and out of the original steam shops which has since been modified for diesels. This program was recorded way before the dash 8’s, as well as the more powerful and comfortable wide cabs. Next a look at a bird’s eye view of the Cheyenne yard is shown from the Yard master’s tower. From left to right as we look west, there is the classification yard, the original steam shops, and the passenger station. From the east side of the yard, another shot of the classification yard with the car repair shop in the middle. Next the yard master and his assistant controls all of the trains at the Cheyenne yard. From here, a look at the roundhouse is shown, as well as another look at the passenger station, where it is nothing but a busy freight only line. Also at the Cheyenne shops, one of the E units number 951 is shown outside next to the caboose. Inside the steam shops, never retired 4-8-4 number 844 back when it was renumbered to 8444 is shown with the front door of the smokebox open, as well as the once largest operating steam locomotive: challenger 3985 way before its conversion to oil in 1990. Disc 2 begins with a ton of snow on the ground with an unexpected blizzard. As always there are other road names are shown besides the UP, plus there is some Amtrak action. Besides the winter scenes, there is also a 5 unit lash up in rock river, followed by a 4 unit freight in fort Steele. Back in the winter, a 2 unit business train is shown. Plus there is a northbound cab ride aboard centennial 6922 between Denver and Cheyenne.

  3. transitionalman

    Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s it is GREAT to see that someone captured the UP during this moment in time! This is CLASSIC UP around Cheyenne with plenty of SD40-2s and C30-7s as well as THE CENTENNIALS!!!! This is the way that I remember it! I LOVE THIS COMBO!!!

  4. Arthur Patzwald

    Watched this one when i was a kid so nice to watch it again on DVD

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