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For decades it was only a dream: to see one of Union Pacific’s massive 4-8-8-4 “Big Boy” locomotives under steam again. Incredibly, though, #4014 is thundering down the mainline once again!<br><br>For more about this product, click on the tabs below.


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For decades it was only a dream: to see one of Union Pacific’s massive 4-8-8-4 “Big Boy” locomotives under steam again. Incredibly, though, #4014 is thundering down the mainline once again! In this jam-packed program, you’ll see the Big Boy’s return to steam, followed by her epic doubleheader with 4-8-4 #844 from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Ogden, Utah and back! If you like steam railroading action, that is “BIG steam railroading action, then you’ll want to watch this today!

  • See Big Boy 4014’s test run, her first time on the mainline in nearly 60 years!.
  • See her climbing, Sherman Hill, Peru Hill, and the Wasatch Grade.
  • Great action in Weber and Echo Canyons.
  • See the Union Pacific’s big celebration in Ogden featuring the 844 and the 4014.
  • Attend the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental rail at Golden Spike National Historical Park.
  • Thrill at the rare sight of a 4-8-4 and 4-8-8-4 double heading for hundreds of miles on the mainline!
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2 reviews for Big Boy, Return to the Mainline (Railway Productions)

  1. Ron

    7idea productions and Railway Productions have the best angles I’ve watched from anyone and May 9 & 10 were the 2 biggest days of the year. When the Big Boys made their last revenue runs in July 1959, no one would ever thought that the Big Boy should run again due to the lack of complications, but as time passed on, Union Pacific began searching for rebuilding a Big Boy candidate and in the summer of 2013, 4014 from Los Angeles county fairgrounds in Pomona, California was the best condition of the 8 surviving Big Boys. Six years later in May 2019, 4014 restoration was completed in time and Big Boy 4014 traveled to Ogden, Utah along with the Living Legend #844 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory Summit which was completed on May 10, 1869. When the first Union Pacific Big Boy rolled out in September 1941 at the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) in Schenectady, New York, the railroad wanted to name them the Wasatch type after the mountain range between Evanston, Wyoming and Ogden, Utah. But when an unknown person scribbled the chalk mark the name Big Boy on the first locomotive, the name stuck and a legend was born. And now since 4014 returned to steam after more than a half a century on display, Big Boy 4014 has claimed the title as the largest, heaviest and most powerful operating steam locomotive on Earth and unfortunately less than a year later, Union Pacific challenger 3985 was officially retired as Union Pacific Steam team felt that the mechanical condition was too expensive to maintain and the railroad can have no more than 2 Steam locomotives on their roster. 2019 will be forever known as the Year of the Big Boy.

  2. rickyfreni

    In the railway productions version of the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 Revival, There is a historic segment on all 25 of these giants using clips from Big Boy 4014 Update in 2014, and the Union Pacific Big Boy Collection from 2001 by Pentrex. In addition, there is a great variety of Doubleheading action from Cheyenne west to Ogden for the participation of the Nose to Nose Ceremony hosted by Union Pacific President Lance Fritz, as well as the eastbound journey home to Cheyenne. Not to Mention a side trip to the Golden spike National Historic Site with 1979 Replicas of Central Pacific #60 the Jupiter & Union Pacific 119. The title fonts in this program look almost identical to the ones used on the Recently Turned 50 year old Children’s Show Sesame Street from 1970 in Season 2, to the early 2000’s (Probably 2003). Of course like 611 on Home Rails & Steam Railroading in the North Country from Last year, There Are a couple of Songs from America By rail (Mostly Route of the Southwest Chief from 1997) which is courtesy of the Late Mike Lynch. One being the Abilene Kansas portion for the History of the Big boys, One for the Lamy to Albuquerque Portion (sadly Shortened) for the map of the 4014 & 844 doubleheader, and also the main menu, plus one western piano type from Colorado’s Scenic Train Rides in 2000 (Durango & Silverton, Georgetown Loop, & Cripple Creek & Victor) for the Promontory Segment. Some of Jarrett’s scenes were also shown in the Pentrex Version of the Big Boy 4014 Revival. Overall, Great action from Les’ angles, but in my opinion, it would’ve been nice if there was a little more of Lynch’s songs in this program.

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