Union Pacific Big Boy Collection

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The biggest, the strongest, the grandest American steam locomotive. Only 25 were built and now – for the first time – Pentrex shares ALL 25 of the Big Boys in action in the most incredible display of steam power ever.

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The biggest, the strongest, the grandest American steam locomotive! Only 25 were built and now – for the first time – Pentrex shares ALL 25 of the Big Boys in action in the most incredible display of steam power ever! Included is vintage film of the latest Big Boy to have starring role in railroad history: the 4014! A recently discovered film collection of professionally photographed 35mm movie film from 1953, combined with material from the Pentrex archives, makes this new production the ultimate tribute to the Big Boy! Pentrex is proud to bring you each one of the 25 Big Boy locomotives – numbered 4000 to 4024 – in one thrilling display. Several of the Big Boy locomotives were featured in the September 2001 issue of Trains Magazine. Now Pentrex gives you the opportunity to experience them all! “Union Pacific Big Boy Collection” is truly an amazing feat!

“Railfan & Railroad” reviewer Tom Kelcec agreed, saying in the April, 2003 issue, “The bottom line here is simply, “buy this program.” A number of Big Boy videos are on the market, most from Pentrex or its predecessors, but here, in one place, is all the familiar footage plus some new and really exceptional imagery that’s never before been seen. Skillful editing packages this in a unique way: between the prologue and epilogue, each of the 25 engines built is covered in numerical sequence by combining all the imagery available from all sources (including eleven cinematographers).”

This is a Pentrex Best Seller.

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8 reviews for Union Pacific Big Boy Collection

  1. Curtis Watson

    Excellent footage of all the Big Boys in one place! Good variety and history of these locomotives.

  2. jeremyschultz7

    This TRULY IS the most extensive compilation of footage from ALL 25 Big Boys in operation throughout the 1950s. I have had this DVD for over a decade now… Ten years ago, I would have NEVER imagined that Union Pacific would reacquire and restore one of these monsters to operating condition once more… ESPECIALLY in the year 2019… but, miraculously, it happened! 🙂 #4014 has been brought back to life in an unthinkable twist of God’s divine providence! Don’t miss out on this wonderful journey back to a simpler time in the United States Of America and the world… Back when steam was KING… When steam RULED the rails!

  3. collinvarney24

    Seeing all of the big boys including 4014 was a spectacular sight with mighty long freights, doubleheaders even teaming up with gas turbine and diesel locomotives. There’s even a brief history about 4005 being converted to burn oil.

  4. Carl M Guzowsky

    This is the best set of Big Boy videos I have seen. I like that the presentation was in the number order. All of the photography, both b&w and color are very good. I am enjoying this and recommend to anyone who likes the Big Boys.

  5. rickyfreni

    We start of with an animated map from Ogden Utah to North Platte Nebraska, followed by a black and white clip of 4-12-2 9031 on a freight run, then comes some color scenes of challenger 3979 in the two tone grey scheme in yard service and see sister engine 3980 that is also in the two tone scheme, then comes the since been scrapped 2-8-8-0 mallets numbers 3548 and 3528. Next we see an unidentified two tone challenger on a freight crossing the diamond. Plus some black and white films of WW2 equipment being loaded on flatbeds, as well as some still images of crewmen onboard the cabs. Next we see scrapped big boy 4003 billowing brown smoke at the Cheyenne yards. Followed by some still images of the big boy being chalked with a nickname on the front of the cab, and see 4013 at the Cheyenne turntable. More black and white clips of Cheyenne are included, and see the workmen servicing some engines, and a short scene inside the department building. Some stills are shown in newspapers, and we still see a black and white shot of the roundhouse. Plus an extreme close up look of future famous survivor 4014 on Sherman hill. Plus 4000 backing out of the roundhouse. Next we see 4013 at the coal loader and see trackside action on Sherman hill, with construction on track 3 in 1953 with construction machines, and see some track workers on Sherman hill. At Harriman Wyoming, F unit 939 at the grand opening of track 3, and more action on Sherman hill continues with some black and white footage included. Initially one of the most popular vintage films last of the giants is mentioned as only a clip from the opening title is included. Now to the order of the 25 giants starting with the now scrapped 4000. The building date of the scrapped engine was on September 5, 1941. First we see some still images of the giant, and see the giant in a black and white blizzard during 1953. Next we see it at the Cheyenne turntable, both on the roof And also inside the roundhouse. Plus on a freight shot by Hank Griffiths. We then moved on to 4001 on a fast freight,followed by some black and white stills shot by Hank in 1952, and by someone else in May 1954. Some Black And White films are included which contains a look of the driving wheels, and inside the cab of the engine. Our final shot shows 4001 whistling at Sherman Hill. Moving on to 4002, we start with a black and white still of the engine at North Platte in 1950, followed by some color shots at the Cheyenne yard. Plus it goes backwards to connect its consist, and see the workmen wearing watches, plus getting inside the cab of the engine with some action on Sherman Hill, and also heading eastbound. Which is our final shot of the now scrapped giant. Moving onto 4003, we begin with black and white footage of the engine going backwards at the roundhouse right between challenger 3987, and sister engine 4010, which we will see later, plus a spin at the turntable. Next, we see some color shots of the engine at the Cheyenne yards, plus slowing down for speed limits, and more black and white scenes are on Sherman Hill which includes a scene with 4 cabooses on the rear of the train. Plus color scenes at dale junction, and also on the big cut. Back in Cheyenne, we see 4003 taking a spin on the turntable, and more freight runs continues. These next 3 segments are 3 surviving giants which includes 4004 backing at the Cheyenne roundhouse in December 1953, and also taking a spin on he turntable, that includes a head on shot heading for the cameraman. Next we see the survivor on a fast freight. Then comes the color transitions on Sherman Hill. Now here’s something rare and unexpected, 2 surviving big boys doubleheading during regular service with 4004 on the front and 4017 pushing the tender. Thankfully, 4004 is on display at Holiday park in Cheyenne not far from the passenger depot. Moving on to the next survivor 4005, we see the engine at the yard in black and white, and also on a fast uncut freight run. For color shots 4005 heads for the green river roundhouse in 1958. Then comes the black and white shots of the engine at Cheyenne. Followed by a color shot of the engine doing a wheelslip behind some help from an f unit on the front. Today 4005 is still on display at the Forney Museum in Denver. Our 3rd survivor is 4006 beginning with a color shot of a westbound leaving Cheyenne. Next we see 4006 in the snow during November 1956. Today the engine is on display at Kirkwood Missouri in the St. Louis area. The 4007 segment starts with something rather unusual. We are on top of the engine, and wait for 4019 to pass by. Some deleted angles from last of the giants are shown, as 4007 is moving around in Cheyenne. Next the crews are checking their watches, and see an overhead view of the engine running light. At Cheyenne we see future famous switcher Engine 4466 now at Sacramento, pushing 4007 at the wash-down. Next we see a black and white shot of 4007 in 1953 during production of an NBC special with Ed Begley. 4007 is gone for scrap. The 4008 segment begins with a run on Sherman Hill, and also some fast 60mph pacing scenes. At deep cut we see the engine squeezing through. This black and white shot shows the construction of track 3. Unfortunately 4008 had since been scrapped. 4009 is backing up for the Cheyenne turntable and also taking a spin in this black and white shot, 2 different runs of the scrapped giant on the Cheyenne turntable was shown on different days, and like the other segment, a head on shot for the cameraman is included, and see a color shot of the engine at the coaling tower. Then the black and white action continues as 4009 is on a long tanker train with some mixed extras. A short comparison shot of 4009 and scrapped challenger 3940 is shown. Onto the new decade for the giants now. Beginning with 4010 at the wash-down. After that we see the engine on 3 freights. Sadly 4010 was scrapped. 4011 is next and we start the segment in black and white waiting for another to go by. At the Cheyenne floodlights we see the giant leaving the yard, and battling up Sherman Hill. Sadly 4011 was scrapped but 4012 had since been saved and we see the segment in black and white at Cheyenne. Surprise surprise, this was the only UP engine to be put on display east of the Mississippi River, at Steamtown in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Some color shots of the engine are shown, as well as a look inside the Cheyenne shops. Next we witnessed scrapped big boy 4013 as we are on top of the giant and see an extreme close up look at the wild wheelslips. Then comes an overused shot of 4013 at the Cheyenne shops. Next we come to a big boy where it is once on display in Pomona, but still undergoing restoration at Cheyenne is the ever popular 4014, beginning with a coal load on Sherman Hill, and inside the cab. Plus some extreme close up looks of the future famous survivor both inside the cab and also up close to the engine. Next some black and white shots are shown as many years after this program was made, the engine is still under restoration at Cheyenne and will be shown for the operating excursions with 844 and 3985. Moving onto scrap engine 4015, we see the workmen moving the tubes inside the boiler, and also taking a spin on the turntable, and also on a fast freight in both color and also in black and white. Publicly shots for the NBC special is included, as well as never shown angles of the engine at Cheyenne. Another scrapped engine 4016 is shown beginning with the black and white shot of the engine passing the water tower. Then it pauses in color, then goes to Laramie for servicing, and also heading on different freights. The next 2 segments are future famous survivors starting with 4017 at Cheyenne heading west, and also see a doubleheader with 4017 in the front and 4012 behind the tender. Today 4017 is at Green Bay Wisconsin. 4018 however, is arriving at Cheyenne at a slow speed. Then comes the engine running light heading backwards. More black and white shots are included which includes a look at Tower A, and see the head on shots of the engine in 1953. The final 5 big boys were built in 1943, starting with 4020 at Cheyenne in black and white. Some color scenes are shown at Green River, then comes the front shot with reused sound from SP film archives 2, and see it on Sherman hill. Today the engine is still gone for scrap. 4021 is in Cheyenne in black and white. That engine has also been scrapped. We also see it taking a spin on the turntable and getting really close to the cameraman. Some color shots are included as we see a female worker washing windows and see the engine on Sherman Hill. 4022 is at the Cheyenne shops in color during the winter season and also being serviced at the shops. Plus some pacing shots are also included. Then comes tower A in black and white. The engine has also since been scrapped. Next comes the final 2 engines starting with the last of the 8 surviving giants, 4023 at Brighton Wyoming, then being serviced at Cheyenne. Today the engine is still on display at Omaha. Then comes the black and white scenes. The final big boy of this video is the since been scrapped 4024 waiting for its assignment at Cheyenne then comes the action on Sherman Hill. After that a black and white cab ride of the engine is included. The SP film Archives 2 audio is used once again as we are going into Hermosa tunnel. This concludes our look at all 25 of the big boys in numerical order. For the epilogue in this, clips from mighty turbines are also included, as well as the Sherman hill video in 1989. The sunset scene is interesting in this, but unfortunately, 17 out of 25 are gone for scrap. Of course 8 out of 25 survived with us today, but 4014 once used to be on display at Pomona and now it is under restoration at Cheyenne. Will a big boy ever pull a train again? Well this 2001 video says no, but 17 years after this was released, only 4014 will return to operating condition in the new decade.

  6. Dale

    It has all the Big Boys, and along with the footage that’s been out there a while, but some amazing new footage, all rolled into one show and features all 25 Big Boys! I have a friend that just got it, and after watching it at his place, I’m buying my own!

  7. aw

    Do not own myself, but I know someone who owns it and have seen it. A very good collection of video, put together nicely and very informative. Defiantly a must buy if you love steam.

  8. Mike

    I am not a big steam engine enthusiast however due to the extreme popularity of this steam locomotive I felt I must at lest give it a shot. The photography and narration are both very interesting and the scenes shown throughout the DVD are pretty amaxing although time relevant in quality. If you are a real steam fan, you must consider ordening this production as you will not be disappointed.

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