The USPS meltdown

Let me start by saying I am a big fan of the Post Office. They do a great job 99.9% of the time. They do it for less money than the other guys – and they do it despite having Congress as a boss. But, when they fail, they don’t fail in half measures. Congress has forced some draconian cuts on the USPS this year and that has forced the closing of sorting centers and regional mail hubs across the country. I think that came home to roost in the middle two weeks of December this year. Priority Mail delivery ground to a halt. 5 days for their 2 day service was the norm… and some “2-day” packages spent 7 days in transit.

RailfanDepot had two packages going to Fort Worth. One customer paid for Priority Mail and so we shipped that way (of course). The other customer went with our free shipping option, which in this case was First Class Mail. The First Class package was shipped one day after the Priority package and arrived one day before the Priority Mail package.

It appears we only have one customer who did not get their order before Christmas… and I am sorry for that. We did our best, even upgrading last minute packages at no cost to our buyers… although I am not sure upgrading helped (see Fort Worth example above!). We even shipped on Sunday the 21st! I write all this because I am sure, while it appears most everything was delivered prior to Christmas, some packages arrived much later than we would have expected and so customers may be checking to see what the problem is… well, the USPS had a meltdown… and I think Congress should take some blame here too. I doubt Congress will accept any blame. They never do.