What is a railroad Hot Spot?

A Railroad hot spot is a place where the railroad, for a variety of reasons is busy and interesting. Those are the places that attract railfans like bees to honey. RailfanDepot now has 60 of those great hot spots on sale… as much as 60% off! The King of all Hot Spots is our producer Highball Productions… and we have all their Hot Spots on sale. All 34 of them! Highball has really identified (and visited!) many hot spots in the Great Lakes states and out West. From various location in the Chicago area (Gary, Dolton, Blue Island) to Fullerton in California and many, many in between. Speaking of California, our producer TSG Multimedia specializes in California railfan favorites – and we have those on sale too. “A Day at Roseville” is a best seller.

Ultimately, a hot spot is where YOU want to see trains, so take a look at our Hot Spots on Sale.

How do you find these hot spots? Of course, local railfans and on-line groups provide some great pointers and directions, but you can also use our North American Railroad Map for Windows and the US Railroad Traffic Atlas to find places near you. RailfanDepot is in Indianapolis and a couple of railfan hot spots we enjoy are near IU Tower downtown and the yard throat at Avon Yard (the old Big Four Yard). Hmmm…. maybe there is a DVD program in one of those places!!