RailfanDepot now carries Broken Knuckle

We now have almost 40 Broken Knuckle Video Productions programs in stock, with more on the way. Broken Knuckle Video Productions (BKVP) is Ken Buckman of New York, so we’ll see a lot of central northeastern US video, but he will cover any train he can find, including programs from Arizona and Nebraska. Check out the BKVP programs: Click here.

RailfanDepot now carries Machines of Iron

As part of our new expanding lineup of railfan DVD producers, we now carry Machines of Iron. MoI has a great selection of vintage steam, revival steam, shortline and some interesting foreign titles (across Russian Siberia even!!). See all the new Machines of Iron titles right here.

New RailfanDepot Website!

Welcome to our new website!  Months in the making, this website includes many new features.  We’ve tried to make the website more fun as well as more useful. The front page has a link to short clips from our DVD programs and we have brought our large Facebook community to our website.  You can now leave reviews on our video products.  There is a wishlist feature too.  If you know what you want, but don’t want to buy it all today – just put it on your wishlist.  There are more new features coming.  As they used to say… “Watch this space!”

Highball buys WB Video

Highball Productions has added to its portfolio of producers with the purchase of WB Video from founder William Brown. WB Video specializes in high quality steam excursion programs and video from our western railroads. RailfanDepot carries Highball Productions and will be adding the WB Video catalog to our offerings.

25 million people a day ride India Railways!

Inian Railway AtlasIndian Railway AtlasIndia is a country that really relies on its rail infrastructure. The government there has announced a 137 Billion five year plan to modernize and expand the overcrowded rail system. That’s a lot, but how far can that go? The national Indian Railway system carries over 25 million people and 2.5 million tons of freight – on over 10,000 trains – each and every day.

You can see the entire system with the “Great Indian Railway Atlas” – this 3rd edition is new in 2015. The atlas is a one-of-a-kind for the sub-continent. It has 128 pages with full color maps.

New MOW video

R-Line Video has added a rarity with the new MOW video: “Tie and Surfacing Super Gang”. We’ve gotten excellent reviews on this one-of-a-kind program.

Taking pictures of trains. It is legal.

LA County Sheriff patchThere are a lot of photographers in Los Angeles. Many, it professionals are likely “focusing” on the celebrities in the city. Those are the photographers we usually hear about. But, in this case – and by case, I mean court case – it is about photographers who use their cameras for railfan-like pictures. Three men were “officially detained”, back-of-patrol-car kind of detained, for taking pictures in public places, including a Metro Train Station. This happened in 2001.

The ACLU eventually took up the case and just now – in 2015 – the LA Board of Supervisors agreed to a settlement with the photogs. The county will pay $50,000 – but most importantly for the rest of us, Los Angeles admits that taking pictures in public is legal and their officers will be so instructed and trained. Specifically, deputies are warned against “interfering, threatening, intimidating, blocking or otherwise discouraging” picture takers unless they are violating a law. In case you want to read the settlement it is HERE.

Railfans take pictures and have been hassled for it for years now. But, more and more law enforcement, courts and the railroads are beginning to understand that railfans are not terrorists and in fact their presence is both a watchdog and deterrent to bad behavior of all kinds. And, selfishly, the ruling also applies to moving pictures… so we can continue to enjoy our railfan DVDs! 🙂

About: R-Line Video

N&W R-Line Video is the work of Brian Rasmussen. We asked Brian for a little about himself. He sent the N&W photo and said: “Like many railfans, my first exposure to trains began with Lionel Electric Trains. My older brother and I would set up our empire on the floor in the attic of our South Euclid, Ohio home. During my youth, my father would take me to watch trains at New York Central’s Collinwood Yards in Cleveland Ohio. He wasn’t a railfan, but just a great dad.

R-Line Video ProductionsMy interest in trains jumped to another level when I discovered “Diesel Spotter’s Guide” by Jerry A. Pinkepank in 1967. Then “Trains” and “Model Railroader” magazines. My first photograph of a train was a N&W GP30 561 on the old Nickel Plate Road at East Cleveland, Ohio in 1969. Unfortunately, photography was expensive hobby during the days of film and photo processing for a high school kid.

During the 1970’s my thirst for knowledge about all things trains continued. Don and Dan Dover’s “Extra 2200 South” magazine was great source for information with a unique format. I still have every one of them! I purchased my first video camera in the 1980’s and would hang out at Conrail busy Berea Tower on Cleveland’s west side. During the 80’s and 90’s I was privileged to ride on several excursions behind 765 and 611. So, as you can see, I have a lifelong passion for railroading. It became my goal to share that passion with others.”

Brian says he has a new camera and is excited to put it to good use. He plans 3 new programs for 2015!

About: Diverging Clear Productions

Mary RaeDCP is the work of the only solo female producer that we know of, Mary Rae McPherson. Mary is the writer, editor, producer and one of the primary videographers. She graduated from the Radio/Television department of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 1999 where she specialized in audio production. In addition to her work at Diverging Clear, she is a conductor at Amtrak where she works the northern end of The City of New Orleans between Carbondale and Chicago.
Missouri Pacific Eagle
Her earliest memories of the railroad are of Illinois Central Gulf and Amtrak trains passing through her hometown of Carbondale. She first photographed trains at the age of nine and shot her first movie footage at age twelve, shooting Super 8mm film of Crab Orchard & Egyptian 2-8-0 #17. She concentrated on sound recordings until 2003, when she began shooting video.

So what is a Diverging Clear anyway? According to the General Code Of Operating Rules (Rule # 9.57), A Diverging Clear means: Proceed on diverging route, not exceeding prescribed speed through turnout.