About: R-Line Video

N&W R-Line Video is the work of Brian Rasmussen. We asked Brian for a little about himself. He sent the N&W photo and said: “Like many railfans, my first exposure to trains began with Lionel Electric Trains. My older brother and I would set up our empire on the floor in the attic of our South Euclid, Ohio home. During my youth, my father would take me to watch trains at New York Central’s Collinwood Yards in Cleveland Ohio. He wasn’t a railfan, but just a great dad.

R-Line Video ProductionsMy interest in trains jumped to another level when I discovered “Diesel Spotter’s Guide” by Jerry A. Pinkepank in 1967. Then “Trains” and “Model Railroader” magazines. My first photograph of a train was a N&W GP30 561 on the old Nickel Plate Road at East Cleveland, Ohio in 1969. Unfortunately, photography was expensive hobby during the days of film and photo processing for a high school kid.

During the 1970’s my thirst for knowledge about all things trains continued. Don and Dan Dover’s “Extra 2200 South” magazine was great source for information with a unique format. I still have every one of them! I purchased my first video camera in the 1980’s and would hang out at Conrail busy Berea Tower on Cleveland’s west side. During the 80’s and 90’s I was privileged to ride on several excursions behind 765 and 611. So, as you can see, I have a lifelong passion for railroading. It became my goal to share that passion with others.”

Brian says he has a new camera and is excited to put it to good use. He plans 3 new programs for 2015!