World War 2 Aircraft Today

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This is contemporary look at restored World War Two Aircraft that we have captured on video at various events since 2008.

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World War Two Aircraft Today is a nice addition to vintage World War Two shows. This contemporary video shot between 2008 and 2012 takes a look at several aircraft still in operation that can be enjoyed to this day. Our first aircraft is B-17 “Liberty Belle”. Next we see the sole surviving operational B-29 Superfortress “Fifi” which was videotaped in Cincinnati during 2011. These aircraft were known for their use in the Pacific Theater of operation and were the type used to drop the atomic bombs. In 2012 we see an event with a pair of B-25 Mitchell medium bombers including “Axis Nightmare” and “Champaign Gal”. The B-25’s were mostly used in the Pacific Theater as well as all other theaters during WW2. They are mostly known for the famous Doolittle Raid in 1942 where 16 of them made a daring raid on Japan by taking off from the Carrier Hornet 600 miles from the coast. We will see two smaller planes, both T-6 trainer aircraft. Both are single engine planes and privately owned. The final segment in our video is B-17 “Memphis Belle”. This is the “Movie” version of the Memphis Belle, since it was used in the filming of the 1980 Hollywood version. The original Memphis Belle is at Dayton, Ohio to be restored for display eventually.

This video features, engine start-ups, taxiing at the airports, takeoffs, landings, and some fly-over shots. The sound of these WW2 planes is unmistakable, and watching a start-up of a B-17, or a take-off of a B-25 roar away is something to savor.

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  1. T.A. Ross

    What fantastic Dvd. 3 of the best war birds ever. The B-17 What a beautiful plane. I remember these flying over my house when I was a kid. The B-25 Mitchell another great aircraft, and finally the B-29 one of the most famous planes ever built. This Dvd looks at all 3 of them in detail. Great, great Dvd and for those who like classic war birds. 5 Star rating.

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