Washington Centennial Steam

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See Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 pull a train with six dome cars from Seattle to Wenatchee over Burlington Northern tracks through the Cascades.

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In February of 1989 a very special event took place in the Northwest. The Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 pulled a train with six dome cars from Seattle to Wenatchee over Burlington Northern tracks through the Cascades. The reason for the celebration was the state’s Centennial and Winter Games.

It was a spectacular trip with a great looking train. The SP 4449 pulled a passenger train, which included four Tour Alaska dome cars, plus two Ultra Dome cars from the Midnight Sun Express. These cars are used in Alaska and were brought down for this special trip. The special train traveled between Wenatchee and Leavenworth each day carrying passengers and contestants participating in the Winter Games. The weather was cold and the train provided a great show in the snow each day.

Also on hand was the number 5 from the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad. This 2-8-2 steam locomotive also pulled a special excursion train each day from Wenatchee to Chelan for more of the special events taking place.

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3 reviews for Washington Centennial Steam

  1. herronhigh239

    It’s very rare to see 4449 puffing through the snow and pulling the train tender first and the Alaska dome cars are a rare sight too.

  2. Ben

    It is good to see Southern Pacific 4449 in her classic Daylight colors pulling an excursion trains celebrating Washington State’s Centennial in 1989 in the winter over the Cascade Mountains. Thankfully a diesel helper was only briefly coupled to 4449 to help with the grade and through the tunnel. It is a treat to see Mount Rainier Scenic number 5 make an appearance on the main line as well.

  3. Ricky

    Nearly 30 years ago, one of Southern Pacific’s 4449’s well-known trips for 1989 besides the 50th anniversary of LA union station, as well as shooting for Warner Brother’s Come See the Paradise, Was one of the most rarely seen events in Pacific Northwest railroading history. Besides the now 76 year old Northern, The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad’s now disassembled Porter built Mikado #5 is also shown hauling school kids to the winter games.

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