Virginian & Ohio Afton Division Finale

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One of the most famous model railroads, the Afton Division of Allen McClelland’s Virginian & Ohio, is now gone.

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One of the most famous model railroads, the Afton Division of Allen McClelland’s Virginian & Ohio, is now gone. Before this HO layout was dismantled, Pentrex taped its last days. Using special lenses and real, prototype sound effects we transport you into the lifelike world of the V&O for an incredible viewing experience. Railfanning the line as if it were a real railroad, we travel to scenic locations to catch the action during a typical day on this Appalachian coal hauler. Heavy trains with rear end helpers slug it out on mountain grades. A local freight stops to switch a coal mine. Perishable freights, junk freights, foreign power, and Amtrak are seen from the best “photo op” locales. The V&O is operated realistically, complete with commercial, geographical, and logistical concerns.

Allen McClelland describes how he created this “beyond the basement” approach to model railroading and takes us on a tour over part of the road many have never viewed. You’ll also meet dedicated crew members, including dispatcher Brad McClelland who demonstrates the line’s CTC panel. The realism that made the V&O so special has been uniquely captured in one of the best model railroad shows ever produced: Virginian & Ohio – Afton Division Finale!
Bonus: A 43-minute all-action segment that includes train movements and sound but no narration or interviews.

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3 reviews for Virginian & Ohio Afton Division Finale

  1. Warbonnet Productions

    I didn’t know much about this model railroad until after this DVD. I’ve got to say, this was fantastic. I love how it’s almost like they’re watching a real railroad. Defiantly would recommend this!

  2. cnrq7c97

    this video is a true treasure. pentrex did excellent capturing this ho model railroad before it got taken down by the layout owner. if you model ho or love ho. then this video is for you.

  3. Dylan

    Glad Pentrex was able to document this iconic model railroad. Very well produced and the Interviews were a great added touch. Glad that this was produced. Very well written and produced. Well done Pentrex!

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