Union Pacific’s Feather River Route

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Step back to 1991 to watch as Union Pacific sends doublestack and intermodal trains through their recently upgraded, former Western Pacific, Feather Canyon and its challenging terrain.

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In 1982, the Western Pacific system, including the storied Feather River Canyon route, was purchased by the Union Pacific Railroad. The UP began improvements immediately to facilitate increased traffic. A brief 9 years later, Pentrex set out to capture on video camera the large variety and volume of trains now flowing over this famous pass across California’s scenic Sierra Nevadas. Step back to 1991 to watch as Union Pacific sends doublestack and intermodal trains through the Canyon’s challenging terrain. And, see some new bonus footage!

Unit grain trains, steel trains, and others led by Dash 8-40CWs, Dash 8-40Cs and SD40-2s, wind their way past the vertical cliffs that rise from the track bed. All the well-known landmarks are featured here: Keddie Wye, Williams Loop, James, Clio Trestle, Pulga, and others. Plus, 20 minutes of bonus footage takes you trackside to witness the rerailment of cars after a derailment at Pulga in 1984. For an exciting look at mainline operations on one of the most rugged and spectacularly beautiful mountain routes, you can’t do better than Union Pacific’s Feather River Route!
Bonus Footage: 20 minutes of a rerailment at Pulga in 1984.

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2 reviews for Union Pacific’s Feather River Route

  1. rrvideoman, Delisle Saskatewan

    I found this movie to be interesting, but I always seemed to waiting for ‘something more’. What is covered is interesting, but I thought, based on what I’ve heard and read on Feather River I would be more excited than I was of the region. It appeared that the producers may have tried to compact to territory. Considering the area with the scenery, I expected more that was in the movie. It was not the Pentrex style that we are used to. Still a nice movie for my collection, it left me questioning if I can find another movie of the same region from a different producer that may add to the interest of Feather River

  2. Kevin Willie

    Great Video This Line Has Changed Little over the year only thing that has changed is Motive Power and a few trains

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