U-Boat Survivors

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In 1959, General Electric surprised the industry by introducing a new line of road switchers called the Universal Series. “U-Boats” are loved for their appearance, distinctive chugging, and tendency to spew sooty black smoke into the air.

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In 1959, General Electric surprised the industry by introducing a new line of road switchers called the Universal Series. Known affectionately as “U-Boats”, these powerful locomotives are loved for their unusual appearance, their distinctive chugging sounds, and their tendency to spew thick clouds of sooty black smoke into the air. Our camera crews traveled across the country in 1995 to seek out and record surviving U-Boats. The result is a terrific collection of exciting images that present the entire line in chronological order, starting with the revolutionary U25B.

This classic retrospective is now available to you with the enhanced viewing features of DVD! Seen in action are:
* Southern Pacific U25B #3100
* Lake Superior & Ishpeming U25C #2501
* Blue Mountain & Reading U33B #3303
* Nashville & Eastern U36B #5772
* Providence & Worcester U18B #1801
* U28Bs from BN, P&LE and RI on Transkentucky Trans.
* U30Bs from CSX on the Georgia Central
* U30Cs from BN on the Lake Superior & Ishpeming
Additional models include Squaw Creek Coal U33Cs, Conrail U23Cs, Providence & Worcester U23Bs, New Jersey Transit U34CHs, National of Mexico U36Cs, and more! Key identification features and statistical data are given for each model shown. Experience the sights and sounds of these early diesel locomotives one more time as you view the U-Boat Survivors!

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5 reviews for U-Boat Survivors

  1. rickyfreni

    While many of these footages were shot during production of these titles: Great American train rides 3, Michigan ore lines, eastern Kentucky coal, the rathole, Santa Fe’s Arizona mainline, and today’s Maine railroads, some of these footages were also exclusive to this program: the Georgia Central, the NJT, the TTI (TransKentucky transportation inc.), & the Providence & Worcester.

  2. Lloyd

    U-Boats are well recognized engines, but many of us tend to over look them considering the Alcos and EMD’s.
    Here is a great look at some very power engines that were the fore runners to the GE’s of today. Pentrex has done an excellent job locating engines, and documenting information for the train lover in us to have on record. All the things we need to know is shared and some really great scenes of these power horses in action is all in one video.

    I really enjoyed this video, having watched it several times in the 1st few days I had it. History is alive with this fine collection of clips from around the USA.
    Well done Pentrex. Thanks. 5 stars is just not enough.

  3. David Holland

    love this video. worth the money. rare types of u boats that are not around anymore.

  4. T.A.R.

    In 1959 GE surprised the industry with a new line of road switchers called the “Universal Series”. A terrific collection of images of the entire line like: U23c and many more. Great film for the money, 2 hours long. Great running and the sound is just fantastic. Modelers will love this film also.

  5. Dylan Jones

    This video shows every example of the Universal Series that General Electric built. Great running and awesome sounding units. Perfect for modelers who want to learn more about railroads that uses these big machines.

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