Tribute to the Soo Line

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In this program, you will enjoy the images of these red and white locomotives in, “A Tribute to the Soo Line.”

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If you are a fan of the Soo Line, you’ll love this video! Since the Canadian Pacific Railway took over the Soo Line in the early 1990’s, it has become a rare sight to see Soo Line locomotives leading trains, especially on original Soo Line tracks. Most Soo locomotives were being sold or repainted, while others were reassigned to service in Canada. C. Vision Productions has captured the images of these red and white locomotives in, “A Tribute to the Soo Line.” Our crew traveled the original Soo Line on the Paynesville Subdivision from Glenwood to Minneapolis, Minnesota to capture the Soo locomotives leading trains. We also followed the Soo on the old Milwaukee Road main line following the Mississippi River from St. Paul to River Junction.

Five main locomotive types from the Soo Line are featured in this program. Venerable SD40 dash 2’s, GP38 dash 2’s and GP 40’s can be seen pulling freight through the rolling prairies of Minnesota, along with the larger SD 60’s and SD 60M’s. We even see Soo Line cabooses still in use on way freights and locals! Each train is also identified by its symbol.

Don’t miss “A Tribute to the Soo Line,” as it is one of the last videos to show you these original locomotives in charge of moving commodities across the upper Midwest.


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