Those Incredible ALCOs Volume 1

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To an Alcophile, there’s nothing sweeter than the wheezing, whistling, barking sound produced by a smoke-belching, burbling Alco diesel. Volume One.

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To an Alcophile, there’s nothing sweeter than the wheezing, whistling, barking sound produced by a smoke-belching, burbling Alco diesel. Simply sighting them is cause for elation among the throngs of enthusiasts who seek them out. In this three-volume series we set out to document an example of every Alco model remaining in operation, a journey which takes us throughout North America. Volume 1 covers the early years of the Alco diesel. Locomotive models are presented in chronological order by their first production dates (see list below).

Switcher models that are powered with the Model 539 prime mover such as the HH660, S-1, S-2, S-3, and S-4 are shown in operation, along with RS-1 and RSD-1 road switchers. You’ll follow Alco’s progress with the introduction of the Model 244 engine in both freight and passenger diesels. Model RS-2, RSC-2, RS-3, and RSD-5 units are viewed working for various shortlines, museums, and industrial users. Exhilarating scenes show the last two operating Alco PAs pulling passenger trains in Mexico. Volume 1 concludes just before the release of the Model 251 engine. Join us in this quest for “diesel dinosaurs” as we seek out Those Incredible Alco’s!

Locomotive ModelsRailroads
HH600 *Santa Fe
HH900 *Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
HH660, HH1000Relco
S-1Maine Coast
Bath & Hammondsport
S-2Tioga Central
Buffalo Southern
RS-1Livonia, Avon & Lakeville
RSD-1Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
FAPotomac Eagle
PANational Railways of Mexico
RSC-2Mid-Continent Railway Museum (MILW 988)
RS-2Michigan Southern
Detroit & Mackinac
S-4Connecticut Central
RS-3Paperton Junction Southern (private)
Batten Kill
Magma Copper
RS-20Green Bay & Western (on lease to Badger Mining)
Tioga Central
S-3Winnipesaukee & Pemigewasset Valley
RSC-3 *Pacific Great Eastern
RSD-5Western Maryland Scenic
* Still picture only 

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4 reviews for Those Incredible ALCOs Volume 1

  1. Lloyd

    Here is a collection that should be nominated “the Best Record of Trains”. Absolutely the finest videos made of any type of trains by a manufacturer. Alcos were the most interesting engines of their day, and here Pentrex has done an excellent job at researching the engines, finding them and documenting them for us to see. From all parts of North America we see these machines of power still at work in various capacities. The program includes all the information we need to learn about these engines that are a part of history.

    Vol. # 1 covers the the Early Years. See the ‘S’ models, the ‘RS’ models, and ‘RSD’s’ in working action. And add in a few PA’s for extra excitement.

    Well done Pentrex. An excellent presentation that all video lovers of trains will treasure for years to come. 5 stars, no questions asked.

  2. Michael

    I didn’t know much about early alcos (except they alway leak coolant and oil) This dvd was very informative. Well presented and filmed. Gives a good idea of where you might be able to find and ride behind units as they covered numerous tourist railroad operations.

  3. aw

    Lot of small industrial switching in the first volume. This is an excellent railroad series. I bought the first one as a kid, and wanted to see more. Very well put together and organized. This may be the best Pentrex film produced. I recommend the entire series.

  4. Ricky

    Great Diesels, Great Footages from other pentrex titles, and also great music.

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