Sunset of Canadian National Steam

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This video captures some of the last steam operations in Ontario, before switching to the west and some of the last operations of steam in Manitoba.

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We see some of the big CN 4-8-4’s in both freight and passenger service, and a scene of one 4-8-4 number 6242 going on the turntable and into the roundhouse under steam for the very last time. We also see a nice 4-8-4 doubleheader, and two scenes of 4-6-4 Hudsons on passenger trains. See streamlined 4-8-4 number 6402, and the next to last commuter train to operate steam with 6219. The last steam ended in Ontario on April 21-22 1959. Renowned photographer Newton Rossiter captured this black and white footage on 16mm film during 1959 that included some of the last runs of steam in Ontario, Canada. In Manitoba in June of 1959 we see a variety of 4-6-0’s, 2-8-0’s, 2-8-2’s, 4-6-2’s, and various 4-8-2’s including the semi-streamlined 6060 series in freight and passenger operations.

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    In this video, we start in southern Ontario as we hear relaxing music and commentary narration from Newton, and also from engineer Steve Hrenyk. Then we see March 1959 coverage beginning with Hudson 5702 pulling the local. Next we see 6257 getting diesel helpers, and see more Northerns in the yard with 6205 and 6242 going backwards to the turntable as well as taking a spin at the roundhouse turntable. A doubleheader is shown with 6201 on the front, and 6205 behind the tender. In April 1959, we see 6306 at the roundhouse and turntable, plus stretching it’s wheels at the yard. Some early diesels are also shown idling in the yard, plus 4-8-4 6402 on the commuter train, and also witness 6219 in passenger service in late April. Next we head to Manitoba the following June starting with future famous survivor locomotive being 4-8-2 6077 with the square tender in passenger service, and see 4-6-0 1389 in passenger service as well. Next we witnessed 1357 hauling freight, plus A pair of 2-8-0s being 2129 and 2174 hauling their own freight trains as well. A quickie Of 3527 hauling a Jordan spreader and a caboose is also shown, plus more freight action with 3579 on one scene, and see 3539 on the other. 3598 is also shown, plus see 3596 on a freight, 3551 picking up speed, and 3568 on a regular freight. Across the bridge, we see 3598 once again, and see 4-6-2 5097 on a regular passenger train. 5620 is also hauling freight, and another passenger train is shown with 5612. The first CN 4-8-2 6000 is hauling freight in the 2 scenes, plus sister engines 6010 and 6030 are also shown on freights, plus 6001 arriving at the yard. Bullet nose engine 6077 is shown on a different day, and see 6079 wearing the square tender, plus 6066 and 6062 are shown without their nosecones. 6064 is hauling a train without the nosecone and also wearing a square tender. 6079 is shown at the yard. 6043 is on regular freight service. In the early 1960s we begin the final segment with 6167 out of Ontario to Niagara Falls and back on a fanfare excursion. Plus see the engine at the Toronto yard in the snow, and see an unusual trip during a snowfall. This program will bring back many memories as we say goodbye to CN steam – nearly 60 years in the making.

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