Steam to St. Louis

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Three of the nation's largest steam locomotives attending the St. Louis NRHS convention traveled three different routes in a spectacular display of mainline steam action.

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St. Louis, Missouri, was the site of the National Railway Historical Society’s 1990 Convention. Three of the nation’s largest steam locomotives attending the convention traveled three different routes in a spectacular display of mainline steam action.

Pentrex crews covered the movement of the Norfolk & Western 1218, the Union Pacific 844 and the Cotton Belt 819. The trips covered over 9 states and thousands of miles. The 1218 traveled from Columbus, Ohio, through Louisville, Kentucky, on into St. Louis. The 844 started from Cheyenne, Wyoming, pulling freight to Kansas City, Missouri. From Arkansas came the 819 departing Little Rock with its special passenger excursion.

This program provides the most complete coverage available of these mighty locomotives on their way to St. Louis.

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6 reviews for Steam to St. Louis

  1. rickyfreni

    From preparing 819 in Arkansas to freight traffic with 844, as well as the entire independence limited with 1218 from Columbus to mount Vernon, this is what big steam railroading is all about. 1522 is shown at the exact start, while in Cheyenne, challenger 3985 is still being converted to oil.

    Besides pentrex, other producers like Greg Scholl, diverging clear, mark 1, & even main line motion pictures were also there for the recently turned 30 year old event.

  2. jon_ell

    Awesome video. always neat to see the old steam engines. Especially neat to see the #844 because UP just ran it in the STL area a couple of years ago again.

  3. Mwdonoughue

    This is an awesome program that covers the ferry moves to and from the convention. Included are:
    – Cotton Belt #819 – June 12th – Pine Bluff, AR to Illmo, MO
    – Cotton Belt #819 – June 17th – Illmo, MO to Pine Bluff, AR
    – Union Pacific #844 – June 7th – Cheyenne, WY to North Platte, NE
    – Union Pacific #844 – June 8th – North Platte, NE to Marysville, KS
    – Union Pacific #844 – Marysville, KS to Kansas City, MO
    – Union Pacific #844 – June 18th – St. Louis, MO to Kansas City, MO
    – Norfolk & Western #1218 – June 9th – Columbus, OH to Cincinatti, OH
    – Norfolk & Western #1218 – June 10th – Cincinatti, OH to Lexington, KY
    – Norfolk & Western #1218 – Lexington, KY to Mount Vernon, IL

    Some interesting highlights can be seen during the program, such as #819’s meet with St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern #5. A must for any steam enthusiast!!!

  4. Ron

    I was born and grew up in the state of Missouri and St. Louis 1990 excursion is one of my favorites. The only shame is that there are no chapters menus on it. But overall was exciting. Pentrex was not the only crewmen however. Mark 1 Video, Greg Scholl, and Diverging Clear productions were also on hand for the historic moment. This video shows before and after the excursion runs as St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt) 819, Union Pacific 844 and Norfolk & Western 1218 traveled to St. Louis, Missouri for the 1990 NRHS convention.

  5. mr.dj2011

    A great DVD i live in st.Louis it shows some of my favorite train watching spots.

  6. cnrq7c97

    this pentrex dvd is wonderful just like everything else that pentrex makes. it has steam engines going to st louis including 1218, 844, and 819. if you steam engines that ran in the 90’s then this video is for you.

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