Steam on the Double! Union Pacific 844 and 3985 Doubleheader

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One DVD, two exciting programs featuring the Denver Post Cheyenne Frontier Days trains.

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On one DVD, we have two exciting programs featuring the Denver Post Cheyenne Frontier Days trains. See charging line-side action and high speed pacing as the 844 and 3985 double-headers strut their stuff! Also includes the 3985 double-heading with the 6936 Centennial DDA40X diesel locomotive and scenes of the first E-9 diesel powered Domeliner excursion in 1994.

Valhalla paired with The Denver Post to produce Cheyenne Steam Train, the Official Video of the 1997 Cheyenne Frontier Days train, including an 844 cab ride. The program concludes with a visit to Big Boy 4004 on display at Holliday Park in Cheyenne.

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5 reviews for Steam on the Double! Union Pacific 844 and 3985 Doubleheader

  1. rickyfreni

    On disc 1, the date is July 20 1996, and 3985 is heading to Cheyenne from Denver With centennial 6936. At Cheyenne 3985 couples up to 844 for The southbound trip to Denver. Some still images are shown, and along the way to Denver, there is some pacing going on. As night falls 844 and 3985 arrives, and on the following Sunday July 21, the Rio Grande coaches are left behind and the doubleheader heads home to Cheyenne with a smoke show. We’ll see the 2 again on disc 2.

    Rewinding the clocks to April 23, 1994, E units 949 and 951 with B unit 963 leaves Denver on its way to Laramie. This was the very first trip for 949 and 963. At speer junction, the streamlined diesels turned west on the Harriman line, making a horseshoe curve. It’s always windy in Wyoming. Next the diesels wait for a freight to pass by. Steve Lee doesn’t like the excursion specials to delay the revenue. This freight had an SD40-2 with a CSX unit inside. With the freight cleared, the streamliner heads for a horn show. Arriving at Laramie, the e units rolled throughout the yard, heads for the wye to be turned. And there was barely any switchers at the yard, which is nothing but freight cars. After turning on the wye, 949, 951, and 963 heads back to Denver. Next the special goes under the highway bridge and heads for the curve. Afterwards there is some pacing going on, as 949 passes by crossings and grain elevators with its own horn. Later that day, there is an unexpected lightning storm as the diesel bravely picks up speed and gets out of danger. As night falls, the diesels arrived at its home base. This concludes disc 1.

    On disc 2, it starts with morning preparations during the 1997 frontier day’s special, that is being led by 844 and 6936. There are almost 900 people onboard and not long after the conductor calls the magic words, it’s time to get going as 844 departs Denver. As always, there are a mix of Union Pacific and Rio Grande coaches during the special. Throughout this trip, camera were onboard the coaches, trackside, and inside 844’s cab. North of Denver, 844 picks up the pace, as it whistles through the crossing, then does it again at various locations along the way. Throughout the onboard footage, a bluegrass music background is used. Back outside, 844 and 6936 greets the visitors under the highway bridge on I-85 then the camera cuts back to the riding footage. Back on the ground, 844 makes some curves, and whistles by along with the diesel’s horn show. Then the camera cuts back to the riding footage. At Speer junction, 844 meets a freight with a couple of C40-8s. All to soon, the train arrives at 844 and 6936’s home base in Cheyenne where passengers will be bused to the rodeo. At the depot, the brass band plays Stars and Stripes forever. With everyone off, Steve Lee takes the throttle of the never retired northern as always, as it leaves Cheyenne, and heads under the Colorado and Southern bridge which is still owned by BNSF. Later it goes under the bridge and whistles for the people along with the diesel. Rolling alongside the fields, 844 picks up the pace. Speaking of pacing, there is some pacing going on as 844 heads for Denver through crossings and grain elevators. Slowing down for speed limits, the special must pass by various freights that are on a tight schedule. Afterwards, a cab ride is included As 844 is back to its top speed. Back outside, 844 whistles through the crossing. Then the camera cuts back to the cab ride. And vice versa. Until it approaches Denver, as night falls. In Denver there is a concert being heard in the background as raindrops are falling from the sky. Note the wheelslips as 844 arrives at the station. The next morning, 844 is heading home to Cheyenne. Like the 1996 trip, the Rio Grande coaches are left at Denver yard. North of Denver, there is a huge fireball coming out of the industrial tower, as 844 passes by the plant. Many miles behind, 844 picks up the pace, and whistles through the crossing. One of the locations between Denver and Cheyenne is identified as 844 whistles through Platteville Colorado. Later it rolls alongside the highway. At Greeley Colorado, 844 is whistling by the cameraman. At Eaton Colorado, 844 passes by the grain elevators. North of Nunn Colorado, 844 is getting closer and closer to the state line. After crossing the state line, 844 is south of Speer Junction. At last 844 and 6936 arrives home as it passes by a 2 unit freight train, and goes under the Colorado and Southern (BNSF) Bridge. Sitting on display not far from The Cheyenne depot and steam shops is one of the 8 survivors of the 25 built in 1941-1944, which is big boy 4004. On disc 1 Bob McMillan does the narration while disc 2 is narrated by Bill Clarke.

  2. Eric Henry

    Great DVD!!! It is always a historic moment when the prides of the Union Pacific Steam fleet run together!!! It is only a matter of time when all three locomotives will come together and put on more memories for future generations.

  3. NRH

    Great Pacing shots, cab ride, interviews with the passengers, and great music!

  4. Steam King

    3985 is a big engine and it really puts on a show here with 844. Union Pacific should be honored for spending the time and money to restore so many steam engines. To see these two double up is really nice. My favorite shot is when the videographer paces the two locomotives.

  5. J. Darrel “Spook” Cason

    This was my first DVD to order from Rail Fan Depot. I got it in 3 days. This is some super awesome double heading with the 844 & 3985 running at hi speed. Great pacing footage of these two giants together , which is a rarity. My only complaint is they focused more on the 844 than they did the 3985, but I would still buy it again. Great cab footage of the 844 also. Plus other action, like the Cheyenne Rodeo. Days .For the money this DVD is a awesome bargain. The video is super sharp & clear.also. If you like 3985 & 844 you will love this one.

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