Steam Across America Combo, The East and The West

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Pentrex takes you back to the late 1950s and early 1960s for a close-up look at the waning years of steam locomotives in America's railroads. This is two programs, “The East” and “The West”, on one DVD.

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Pentrex takes you back to the late 1950s and early 1960s for a close-up look at the waning years of steam locomotives on America’s railroads. The exceptional color footage used for this presentation was captured on 16mm film by noted rail photographer Bruce Ward. Originally released as two separate programs – one focusing on steam railroading in the eastern United States and the other featuring the last of the great steam locomotives serving the western roads – both shows have now been combined on one DVD. One DVD now gives you a complete picture of American steam railroading at the end of an era. In this remarkable program, you will be treated to rare images of:

Volume 1 – The East
* Norfolk & Western: class J’s in passenger service; class Ks, As, and Ys in freight service.
* Baltimore & Ohio: class S-1 2-10-2s switching and in mainline duty; class T-3s on the mainline; and class EM-1 2-8-8-4 Yellowstones hauling coal.
* Pennsylvania Railroad: a wide variety of locomotives in action at the Columbus yards and roundhouse; class J-1s doubleheading a coal drag.
* Nickel Plate Road: Berkshires and Hudsons hard at work on the NKP.
* Burlington: 4-8-4 Northern 5632 on an Illini Railroad Club excursion.
* Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range: a class M-4 Yellowstone in excursion service.

Volume 2 – The West
* Union Pacific: Challengers in helper service over the Wasatch Mountains; Big Boys on Sherman Hill; Consolidations and 0-6-0s as switchers; and 800-series Northerns in passenger and freight service.
* Southern Pacific: Pacifics in commuter service; 0-6-0s at the Oakland Mole; and GS-4s in freight and passenger service in the San Joaquin Valley.
* Colorado & Southern: 2-10-2s and 2-8-2s in road and helper service.
* Great Western Railway: number 51 in the yards at Loveland, Colorado; 2-10-0 Decapod 90 on freight drags; and 0-4-0s at the GW sugar mill in Loveland.

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4 reviews for Steam Across America Combo, The East and The West

  1. collinvarney24

    I recommend this combo program because it shows steam in action from the east coast to the west in the late 1950’s.

  2. Mwdonoughue

    This combo program shows action on American railroads in both the East and West, with special excursions on the CB&Q, DM&IR and SP.

  3. Ben

    This is an enjoyable assortment of views of main line steam. I liked having the chance to see big steam that unfortunately did not make it into the preservation era. Such as some Pennsylvania RR and Baltimore & Ohio steam engines.

  4. Ricky

    One of Pentrex’s best selling combo DVD chronicles the life of mainline steam engines after WWII. Some Noteworthy future famous survivors are included, but most of the engines have since been put on display, or scrapped forever. Lots of great mainline steam – from when steam still ruled the main!

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