Santa Fe’s Arizona Mainline

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Stretching across the mountains and deserts of Arizona, the Santa Fe mainline is a double-tracked ribbon of high-density railroading at its finest.

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Stretching across the mountains and deserts of Arizona, the Santa Fe mainline is a double-tracked ribbon of high-density railroading at its finest. All Santa Fe’s transcontinental traffic funnels through Arizona, making the action intense as train after train works across the state. Arizona’s magnificent topography of high mountains, rugged canyons, and stark desert landscapes creates stunning dioramas highlighted by long Santa Fe trains loaded with plenty of power up front. Shot when the ATSF was still independent, this is a great look at a fallen flag.

The majority of trains are powered by locomotives in Santa Fe’s classic blue & yellow scheme, including EMD F45s, but in 1991 when this program was originally filmed, Santa Fe was taking delivery of brand new General Electric Dash 8-40BW units as part of its Super Fleet program. You’ll see several pure sets of these 500-class units in Warbonnet paint pulling hot intermodal trains and Electro-Motive engines in Warbonnet paint as well. Amtrak’s Southwest Chief is seen racing through scenic western landscapes; the action in Kingman Canyon is nonstop as trains pass through this photogenic location; and impressive Canyon Diablo Bridge provides a beautiful setting for the flashing Warbonnets. All the splendor of the Southwest is captured in this exciting DVD tour of Santa Fe’s Arizona Mainline!

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3 reviews for Santa Fe’s Arizona Mainline

  1. CR6377

    Seeing Santa Fe in the early 90s. The best time, when the Warbonnets were returning to the rails, plenty of Cowls F45s and others. SF30Cs, and more interesting catches. Chasing a train from Topock up to Kingman Canyon. Seeing a train adding an engine to their consist at Flagstaff. you wouldn’t see that today. A great Thowback program.

  2. Lloyd

    Arizona is a location that many of us think as a “hot and desert type region”.
    In this video, we find that there is more than we realize. For the Santa Fe fans, the action is excellent. Most of the Santa Fe power near the end of the time is seen, pulling long high speed trains of all types of cargo.

    For those of us who love excellent scenery and have never seen Arizona… there is plenty of scenes that will catch your eye. At times, you may think you are much further north, and at times… in a real desert. Some old structures of days gone by are seen also like some Harvey Houses that remain standing.

    A great video that is a fine added touch to any railfan’s video collection.

  3. rickyfreni

    First the program begins in Topoct AZ, then were are at the border in new Mexico, in the deserted town of Lipton. Eventually there are lots of other Arizona towns & abandoned sites on the busy double track mainline for 2 subdivisions, which includes seligman & Gallup. Not only the blue & yellow units put on a fine show, but there are some new style red & silver warbonnets as well as Amtrak’s southwest chief. Some freights even have cabooses. No matter how many lash ups from 2 to 8 or rarely 10 or more, this wide open state has many freights rolling through the dessert nonstop. This video had since been historic since the blue & yellow diesels and the red and silver warbonnets no longer roll through, neither does the F40PH’s on Amtrak.

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