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Here is the ATSF over Tehachapi and through Cajon Pass. This is the home of the major harbors of Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Francisco. And more! Seven subdivision and 23 vicinity maps (see list below).

This is a scan of an original Santa Fe Railway condensed profile, updated to 1995. This was the last set of track charts issued by the ATSF just prior to the formation of the BNSF Railway. Included is a key. 216 pages.

These subdivisions are covered in this condensed profile:
* Stockton Sub (Calwa to Richmond)
* Bakersfield Sub (Bakersfield to Calwa)
* Mojave Sub (Barstow to Bakersfield)
* Harbor Sub (Redondo Junction to Long Beach Junction from Watson to Wilmington)
* San Bernardino Sub (San Bernardino to Los Angeles Via Fullerton)
* Cajon Sub (Barstow to San Bernardino)
* Needles Sub (Needles to Barstow).

Vicinity Maps / Diagrams:
* Barstow Yard, * Needles, * San Bernardino, * San Bernardino Yard, * Barstow Hump Yard (3 pages), * Hobart Yard, * San Bernardino West Yard, * Los Angeles / Long Beach, * Calwa Yard, * Bakersfield Yard, * San Francisco Bay (3 pages), * Oakland, * Ferry Point, * Richmond Inner Harbor, * Richmond Yard (2 pages), * Stockton / Mormon, * Riverbank Yard, * Fresno.

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