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With build dates of 1939 to 1972 this diagram book covers the early days of dieselization on the ATSF. There are two parts to this book, the first is a list of all diesel locomotives on the Santa Fe as of July, 1968. This is a comprehensive 60 page listing with unit numbers, build date and much more on each locomotive. Included in this part of the book is a one page summary of units on the property as of August 1973 (An impressive 1,842 units).

The second portion of the book, some 50 pages, is a series of diagrams and data for ATSF locomotives. Diesels covered in the data section and diesels with a diagram are noted below. Also included with this book is a chart showing ATSF Class numbers and the related Builder Designations, making it easier to find certain locomotive types. Various diagrams are marked Topeka and a couple of diagrams are marked “Built at” Topeka or San Bernardino Shops.

This book contains data listings for:
EMD F3, F7, E8, FP45, F45, EMD GP7, GP9, GP20, GP30, GP35, EMD SD24, SD40, SD45, GE U25B, U28CG, U30CG, GE 44-tonner, ALCo PA1, PB1, RSD15, DL600B, RS2, S1, HH1000 Fairbanks Morse H10–44, H12-44, H16-44, Baldwin VO 1000, DS4-4-1000 Diagrams/Data in this book include:
EMD F3 (A and B units), F7 (A and B units), GE 44-ton, FM H10-44, H12-44, BLW DS4-4-750, DS4-4-1000, BLW VO1000, ,ALCo HH1000, S1, S2, EMD SD45-2, GE U33C, U36C and a drone unit and steam generating tender. Locomotive build dates from 1937/1939 to 1972.

This is a scan of an original Santa Fe Locomotive Diagram Book, updated to 1968, 1972 and 1973. 60 pages. 8.5×11.

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