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The San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park houses the largest model railroad exhibit in the United States.

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The San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park houses the largest model railroad exhibit in the United States. Over a million-and-a-half people have visited this non-profit exhibit since its opening in March, 1982.

Four permanent model railroads are on display for the general public to enjoy, each with completed, operating segments and additional segments that are under construction. The four model railroads are the O-Scale Cabrillo and Southwestern, the N-Scale Pacific Desert Lines, the HO-Scale San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway and the HO-Scale Southern Pacific – Santa Fe Tehachapi Line.

This is your chance to get a detailed look at the craftsmanship and finely detailed work that goes into creating a smooth-running and realistic model railroad. Thousands of hours of labor have been poured into these layouts and the results are being showcased using spectacular camera angles both on and off the trains.

This exciting program brings America’s largest model railroad exhibit right into your home, complete with music, narration, and dubbed-in railroad sound effects.

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2 reviews for San Diego Model Railroad Museum

  1. Lloyd

    For the model railroaders who want to see an operating model system from the comfort of the arm chair. 2 HO’s, 1 O scale, & 1 N scale make for an video. Take a close look at the scenery & detail. All excellent work. The only fault I see is the time span. It would be nice if it was a bit longer than 30 minutes.

  2. rickyfreni

    In this 1992 video, there is some fine guitar music during the tour of Balboa park. Inside the main entrance to the museum, there is an actual semaphore signal that was donated by the southern pacific. It’s always activated every 5 minutes. The museum is open from Wednesday-Sunday, and also on the first Tuesday of the Month. An Artist’s Mural of the Santa Fe’s San Diego Depot is included. Back then, the admission for adults were only a pocket change of one dollar and fifty cents, and the kids under 15 can go in for free. A Look inside the Gift Shop is shown. Keep your eyes open for some of the Pentrex tapes included as well as the spines of the 6 part Great Trains of The West series by Simitar, Not to Mention the Great Toy Train Layouts of America by TM Books & Video. Layout 1 is the Cabrillo & Southwestern, Layout 2 is the San Diego & Arizona Eastern, Layout 3 is the Pacific Desert Lines, And Layout 4 is the Tehachapi line. There is also photographed displays, and some more layout construction. Plus a couple of G Scale Layouts.

    Overall, It’s a great experience to see What model railroaders, SoCal Railfans, And Visitors and residents could plan what San Diego Has to offer.

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