San Diegan Surfline Steam 3751 Private Varnish Special

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Santa Fe 3751 and 24 private cars graced the scenic Surfline route in September 2008.

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Santa Fe 3751 and 24 private cars graced the Surfline route in September 2008. The train was a special dubbed The AAPRCO San Diegan. It ran from Los Angeles to San Diego and back as a highlight of the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners annual convention, held this year in San Pedro, California. Pentrex fielded several camera crews to bring you the all excitement of this rare event! Departing Amtrak’s 8th Street Yard early in the morning, the San Diegan slipped from the Metrolink River Sub onto the BNSF San Bernardino Sub for the trip to Fullerton.

Following behind the 4-8-4 locomotive were three Amtrak P42 DC units and a rainbow array of 24 unique private cars, including the Observatory Dome Car. Passing through Fullerton, the train entered the Metrolink San Diego Sub and continued on its way toward the blue Pacific coast. Rolling across trestles, speeding below sand bluffs flanking the coastline, steaming past scenic lagoons, the San Diegan thrilled both riders and railfans lined up to watch its progress. After powering over the grades of Miramar Hill, the train glided into San Diego’s Old Town Station, where the power was cut out and moved to the Miramar Wye for turning, and giving its passengers plenty of time to tour the Old Town area before boarding for the trip home in the darkening twilight. Steam, smoke, echoing whistles, glorious landscapes, and a fabulous collection of vintage private varnish make this special train excursion one you’ll never forget. Plus, we’ve included bonus footage of a private car ride from Oakland to Los Angeles the following week as a special treat! San Diegan Surfline Steam is a ride the whole family can enjoy!

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4 reviews for San Diegan Surfline Steam 3751 Private Varnish Special

  1. collinvarney24

    Steam on the Surf line with private rail cars is truly a sight to see with some Amtrak units as helpers too.

  2. herronhigh239

    This excursion sort of reminds of the employee special back in 1992 except with 3 Amtrak units and 24 private cars

  3. herronhigh239

    This is the 2nd trip to San Diego for the 3751 but this time with 24 private cars how awesome is that.

  4. Ricky

    Couple months after “Above 3751 to San Diego” was made, a special sequel was made to honor the oldest operating northern’s second excursion on the San Diego surfline, but with more Narration than the previous visit.

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