Rio Grande Narrow Gauge

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Lots of steam, smoke and spectacular scenery await you in this nostalgic and historic program.

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Lots of steam, smoke and spectacular scenery await you in this nostalgic and historic program. It’s the 1960s again and Ralph and Jim Marcus are filming (in 16mm color!) some of the last trains over the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge.

Follow double-headed #498 and #487 from Alamosa to Chama. Next day #498 picks up 3 loads of lumber and loads sheep into double decker stock cars. You follow the train up Cumbres Pass. You’re trackside as the last Rocky Mountain Railroad Club’s Fall “Kolor Karavan” steams from Alamosa over Cumbres Pass to Durango and Silverton.

K-37 #493 leaves Alamosa down the 3-rail for Chama with many unique shots along the line. Then follow a lumber train Cumbres Turn. The now abandoned Durango-Chama line is documented on a two-day round trip with K-37 #497 hauling drop bottom gons, box cars and flats of lumber and pipe. On the Farmington branch #497 makes a round trip from Durango. #493 takes a lumber train up to Cumbres in a light snow cover. Today the railroad is gone forever from many of the locations documented in this program.

This program features an informative narrative and a musical background has been added to the original 16 millimeter silent films. Filmed in 1966 and 1967.

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2 reviews for Rio Grande Narrow Gauge

  1. trainpainter

    One of the best NG films I’ve seen. Long trains and many hard to reach views and unusual angles too. All the branches too. One thing I really liked was seeing the entire train pass and not just the engines. If it had sound it would be the perfect video. As is, WB used some of the less annoying musical sound tracks compared to other companies. If you like D&RGW NG railroading you really need this video!

  2. Chase

    Neat footage of the final years of the D&RGW narrow gauge and includes shots from many hard to get to spots. See 498 running on freight trains before it was left to rust away in the Durango yard as it currently sits and witness many other favorite D&RGW engines of the later years working away on heavy freight trains.

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