Plandampf Polska

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Big steam running for a special railfan event in Poland.

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Big steam running for a special railfan event in Poland! The last steam-hauled passenger trains in regular service in Europe run out of the steam center at Wolsztyn, Poland. Join us for a Plandampf, a special steam event, organized by The Wolsztyn Experience. We’ll see three types of engines, O149-7, Pt47-65 and Tr5-65 on regular service trains to Poznan and on specials and a freight, hard at work, in 2009.

The narration can be turned on or off. Turn it off and just hear the trains!

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  1. Ben

    Highball Productions makes it to Poland in October, 2009 to cover the action of the last steam hauled passenger trains in Europe! At the Plandampf in Wolsztyn, Poland we see trains pulled by OI 49-7, Pt 47-65, and Tr 5- 65.

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