Pacific Electric and Los Angeles Railway (1940-1963)

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This DVD outlines the history of both of these famous electric rail lines.

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This DVD outlines the history of both of these famous electric rail lines. They were both started by Henry. E. Huntington at the beginning of the 20th Century. For a time they were intertwined and created with a similar purpose. This program has a wealth of color movie film from 1940, to the complete end in 1963. The accurate sound recordings, accompanying these movie scenes, bring back the auditory experience of living in those bygone years. Maps and graphics were specially created to enhance the relevance of the beautiful and nostalgic color movie scenes. These are presented with a well-researched and meaningful historic narrative. Learn about the high-stakes competition played out by Henry Huntington and the railroad giant, E. H. Harriman, that went on from 1900 to 1911. This struggle was a big factor in how Southern California was developed. And, these forces have long shadows that still effect things today. Learn some of the less-known reasons that both lines were allowed to ‘go fallow’. See hundreds of nostalgic views of streetcars, interurban trains, city and suburban life and even those pesky automobiles over the decades. It’s like stepping back to a more certain time when things seemed more clear-headed.

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