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From Box Cars to Wood Chip cars – and everything in between. Cabooses too. This book shows as updated to November 15th, 1969. This book was originally assigned to the President’s Car. It has number F-78. Cars series included in this diagram book include: Box Car, Box Car (Coke Load), Box Car (Fish Meal), Cabooses, Drovers Cars, Flat Cars, Flat Cars (TOFC), Flat Car (Versa Deck), Gondola, Gondola Cars (Solid Bottom), Covered Gondola, Hard Selective, Hopper Cars, Covered Hopper Cars, Logging Cars, Merchandise Cars, Ore Cars, Refrigerator Cars, Refrigerator Cars (ice), Stock Cars, Tank Cars, Wood Chip Cars. Each type of car may have more than one diagram, cabooses feature 10 different diagrams.

This is a scan of an original Northern Pacific Railway Freight Car Diagram Book. Updated to 1969 – just prior to the merger that created the Burlington Northern. 340 pages. 50 index pages. 8.5 x 11. The original is a mix of black line and white line blueprint style drawings. As with all blueprint drawings, some of the original drawings were faded and difficult to read. The scan of those particular diagrams are as well, but are included here for historical completeness.

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