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Come along with Pentrex as we travel to the Northeast, exploring some lesser known railroads and railfanning locations.

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Come along with Pentrex as we travel to the Northeast, exploring some lesser known railroads and railfanning locations. We’ll see the Housatonic Railroad, operating over former New Haven tracks in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Next we’ll take a trip on the Berkshire Scenic Railroad that shares the same tracks through the hills of western Massachusetts. Going trackside in Selkirk, New York we’ll watch mainline operations into and out of CSX’s giant classification yard.

The diminutive Grafton and Upton Railroad, west of Boston, is a tiny shortline dating back to the 1800s that is now expanding. We’ll chase their classic Geeps as they struggle with rollercoaster grades on their thrice-weekly turn. Then we’ll climb to the summit of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington aboard the “Railway to the Moon”, the famous Mount Washington Cog Railway. Watch as our steam-powered train muscles its way up a grade that reaches 37 percent!

Smaller railroads, classic motive power, and a few surprises! They’re all here for you to enjoy in Pentrex’s Northeast Sampler!

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2 reviews for Northeast Sampler

  1. Warbonnet Productions

    Great DVD! The scenery was great and so was the action. I hope they do this with other parts of the country!

  2. rickyfreni

    Here is an incredible mix of mostly diesel powered freight trains in New England mostly in Connecticut and Massachusetts, CSX in Selkirk, New York, and steam on the Cog In Mt. Washington. Beginning in Canaan Connecticut, there is some switching to be done in the fog at the Housatonic railroad. Power for the first train is Former Conrail GP35 #3602 and GP7 #7324 that was originally made for the New York Central. The first 2 diesels are in the colors that are reminiscent to the Chicago and Northwestern railroad. GP9 Number 1802 is still wearing the black and red colors of the providence and Worcester. This railroad usually ran 6 times a week to exchange with CSX in Pittsfield Massachusetts. Note the 2 bottles of oil on the steps of 3602. Next, the freight heads backwards while turning on the Wye. Note the 2 cabooses. After picking up more covered hoppers, it crosses route 7. The fog is still thickening, as the freight blares it horn, crosses the bridge and into western Massachusetts. On a different day, the providence and Worcester GP9 leads a mixed freight with 7324 trailing. At Lenoxdale, the Geeps pass by a river as it crosses the bridge. Note the covered gondolas carrying debris from demolished buildings, that have an unusual NYC from Conrail’s break up. At milepost 82 the train is on wobbly rails as it continues north to Pittsfield. All of the geeps on this Western New England shortline have since been sold.

    Moving onto the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum in Lenox, it operates on the same tracks as the Housatonic to Stockbridge. This 4 coach train is operated by former New York Central/Conrail SW8 number 8619. Note that one of the coaches came from the Holyoke heritage park railroad. 8619 uncouples the coaches, and would have to runaround the train back to Lenox. This would give passengers the time to see the diesel in action from the depot.

    Moving west to the border of Selkirk, New York, a visit to one Of CSX’s Biggest classification Yards is included. Standard Cab C40-8 number 7534 (since sold to PanAm) is on an auto rack train idling the tracks with HLCX 6074 trailing, while a 2 unit with a cabless slug, switches back and forth. Next a mixed manifest enters the yard from the west. SD50 number 8665 got a new upgraded paint, while Conrail 8666 is trailing behind. Next a look at the yard is shown, which features C40-8 7546 in it. Followed by a 3 unit manifest off the Boston subdivision. Sadly 7546 have since been scrapped. A Union Pacific unit is also idling at the yard. The same doublestack train got a crew change and leaves the yard heading west. Leaving the biggest CSX yard behind, a 2 coach geometry train is heading west. Next a 4 unit manifest comes into view with a Union Pacific unit in it. Afterwards, a 5 unit mix train with a C40-8 inside races by the first train in the same direction. Moments later, a westbound 2 unit autorack is shown. Keep your eyes open for the red and green signals activated in the background.

    Back in New England, the Grafton and Upton railroad is shown with a look at the yard, Chopped nosed GP9R number 1751 is activating its own generators. GP9 1750 from the bay colony railroad, is also awakened. Also in the roster is CF-7 1500. With the derailer removed, the 2 diesels begin switching cars. Arriving at West Upton, the freight must come to a crossing as it is descending the hill. Both 1750 and 1751 are shuffling cars in the yard. A track inspection vehicle is included as the 2 diesels back up and switches tracks.

    The final stop in the program is a visit to Brenton Woods. The majority of this program is mostly diesel powered freights. But at the mount Washington Cog railway, there is a ton of steam action which was recorded before all trains are taken over by eco friendly diesels. On an extremely rare clear Day, the scenery looks spectacular. Fast forward to 4 years later in 2011, almost every train on the Cog have since been dieselized. On an afternoon, a trip chartered by the Massachusetts bay railroad enthusiasts is operated with engine #9. First the locomotive takes on coal. Then the diesel leaves Brenton woods. Riding footage is included as the weather is turning for the worst.

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