Norfolk & Western Steam Freights

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Enjoy some of the biggest steam power that operated in the United States as we present 2-8-8-2’s, and 2-6-6-4 articulated steam power on the Norfolk & Western Railway.

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Enjoy some of the biggest steam power that operated in the United States as we present 2-8-8-2’s, and 2-6-6-4 articulated steam power on the Norfolk & Western Railway. Most of the films were shot on the Cincinnati to Portsmouth line, the western end of the Norfolk & Western Railway. Steam freight operations ended in 1956, but Warren Scholl would continue to seek out steam in places like Portsmouth after 1956, and even went into the depths of West Virginia to places like Iaeger, and Williamson to see steam in the final days of operation. Most of the film centers around Batavia, Ohio, since this was where he lived and saw steam on a routine basis. There are time freights, and coal trains, plus locals switching sidings. There is even one scene where a freight car is being poled in Batavia Siding, an operation now forbidden on all railroads. This part of the N&W was seldom filmed, as most easterners went to Blue Ridge, and other more popular locations.

The DVD also features some comparison shots, showing shots from the old film, and a contemporary diesel shot at the same location. Today, the Peavine as it is called, is severed, and only sees a local train that operates about half of the line, a far cry from the multitude of trains in the mid-1950s. There is music and narration, but no fake train sounds, since none existed obviously when these color movies were made. We have included tons of interesting information about the locomotives, the operations, and locations that are shown, and appropriate background music is used to add to the enjoyment. BONUS: A segment featuring nearly 50 black and White images that were enlarged just for this show. These images of N&W steam, include images of the very last runs from Claire to Portsmouth in 1956, documenting an end of an era.

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2 reviews for Norfolk & Western Steam Freights

  1. Ron Harber III

    Norfolk and Western has long been associated with big steam power and this video shows the portion of N&W in the Cincinnati area in 1954 and 1956 before dieselization took over. The Scholl family lived in the Batavia area during the steam era and they even show Greg Scholl as a young boy along with his dad and other boy Randy Scholl. I enjoyed the history of the railroad and it’s probably the best silent movie on anyone with no rail sounds but appropriate music and informative narration.

  2. Ricky

    The dvd release of that program is the second GSVP item to feature the 8mm silent Films of Greg & Randy’s late Father: Warren W. Scholl. On the bonus footage, it features comparison clips of The Scholl Family’s Homerail line: the Peavine Route. Features 1950s silent films of steam shot by Warren himself while Decades later, son Greg shot Norfolk Southern Freights Between 1996-2001. Where those scenes were used on the NS Peavine 2 program. In the preview section, Greg put up a Preview for his other Warren W. Scholl program: Norfolk & Western Steam Passenger Trains, which then got scrapped because the problem was, there was some Location troubles that Greg is having a hard time to figure out where the different trains are.

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