Norfolk Southern’s Peavine Volume 2

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The last years for the Norfolk Southern’s Cincinnati to Portsmouth “Peavine” line. Volume Two.

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The last years for the Norfolk Southern’s Cincinnati to Portsmouth “Peavine” line. Volume 2 begins where Volume 1 end, in 1999. Volume 2 shows us how the line looked from 1999 to 2003 – including the last run of local train L51 from Portsmouth. This line is now severed and no through trains can operate over its rails, and no trains can operate over the east end – making this line a fallen flag. However, in this video, the line is still alive! You’ll get to see some heavy action, including the hot trailer train #218, a now rare C30-7 leading the way and even a westbound coal train doubling a grade in the snow! We also get to see some new footage from prior years, like a Grand Trunk unit and caboose on the line in 1992 and more footage from when the line was much busier in 1995. This video does not feature any narration, just the natural sound of the railroad with scene titles to keep you informed. Yes, you can go back to when this line thrived – in this video and the previous DVD: Norfolk Southern’s Peavine Volume 1.

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2 reviews for Norfolk Southern’s Peavine Volume 2

  1. Lloyd

    Basically….. a follow up to Vol. # 1. The exception would be that it continues to 2003. Some winter scenes are viewed adding to interest. Southern Ohio is a beautiful region with it’s hills and bridges that the rails cover. A very well done presentation

  2. Ricky Freni

    In this very first un-narrated diesel program, we start off with February 1992 action that includes some Grand Trunk power especially the caboose on the rear of the train. This segment was the very first time Greg recorded something from his newly purchased Sony Betacam before heading to western Canada the following April. Next there is a segment showing a decent amount of footage between 1995 and 1998 only that would never fit in the 1999 video. These clips were shown from Batavia to Peebles hill. The dates for that segment were April 27, 1996 that includes an empty coal train with southern pacific power, a westbound/southbound Erie to Chattanooga freight with wide cab units in primer gray paint at the Williamsburg toll gate road, and decending Batavia hill, plus the first day of October 1998 action with an eastbound local at Williamsburg. Followed by the same local at the same town this time we are 2 blocks east and the date is March 26, 1997. After that, we see an eastbound freight 15 days earlier, followed by an eastbound grain train at Mt. Orab in October of 1995. Next we see a quick westbound freight 3 years later on October 20, 1998. Followed by the eastbound local on March 26, 1997 at Sardinia, as well as a westbound local this time it�s almost a year earlier. In other words, the date is April 11, 1996. On the day of my 2 year old birthday being April 3, 1997, the local is on the wye to connect with the long abandoned Mowrystown branch. Followed by 3 scenes almost a week earlier on March 26. As well as April 15, 1997 action on the actual branch, which includes a clip that was shown in the 2002 reflections video. These scenes were always gone that we are really pleased that Greg recorded the final months of the branch before it�s already gone forever. On the day of my 2 year old birthday, we see an eastbound freight heading to Portsmouth. Followed by another eastbound a week earlier on March 27 1997 at sunset. After that, we are west of Sardinia on the first day of October 1998 as a CSX wide cab is assisting the power for a c40-9. 19 Days later on October 20, a westbound is roaring through Mt. Zion. Meanwhile an eastbound local is at Seaman heading to Portsmouth. At Lawshe in October 1995, an eastbound grain train is climbing up the grade. On the day of my 2 year old birthday, a westbound grain train takes the siding. Finally in October 1995, we are at peebles hill as the sun is starting to go down. This scene concludes the deleted scenes segment. On an unknown day in 1999, we see train 430 with c30-7 8070, as well as a westbound At Winchester, plus a meet at Sardinia, and chase 8070 at the towns of Winchester, and peebles hill. After that, we bid farewell to the 1990s and say hello to the present century with 3 segments taken in 2001 which was the final year for Greg’s Betacam era. First on January 12, we chase train 218 from Chicago to Greensboro North Carolina. 8 Days later on January 20, a blizzard was rolling through as we chase the grain train at Batavia hill, lawshe, and see a westbound coal train at Mt. Zion and other locations. 5 Days later on January 25, we see 3 trains in 1 day which includes the local from Batavia to Clare yard, train 218 at the trestle, and see and chase a long a heavy grain train led by a conrail unit until sunset. This was the final segment in the vhs version, but when Greg converted this program to DVD for his 25th anniversary in 2009, he added the last run of the L51 local with GP38-2 number 5071 on May 23, 2003 as well as through train 218 the same day but a year earlier due to the closure of the Scioto river bridge. Today the portions between Clare and Seaman is owned by the Cincinnati eastern terminal railway. A music video with female vocals are presented at the end. Remember the VHS version of this was made in 2001.

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