Norfolk Southern Steam Volume 2

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A steam lover’s dream! With four steam locomotives making mainline appearances! Volume Two.

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A steam lover’s dream! With four steam locomotives making mainline appearances! Volume 2 of this series shows some variety as N&W 611 and 1218 are joined by NKP 587 and L&N 152 are seen all over the NS system. (Volume 1 is a pure N&W DVD.) One of the highlights of the video is the four day Independence Limited from Bellevue to Roanoke with Nickel Plate Road 2-8-2 #587 double-heading with N&W 611. Former Nickel Plate engine 587 led the first day’s action to Muncie on former NKP trackage! 611 led the way the following days with overnight stops in Cincinnati, and Bluefield before climbing Christiansburg grades west slope and arriving in Roanoke where we see 1218 at Shafer’s Crossing Roundhouse in the foreground as the doubleheader goes by. Then a few weeks later 587, 611 and 1218 triple-head to Lynchburg as part of a one-way move to position the engines for further trips. This is a rare sight indeed, especially at Blue Ridge, VA.

Next we see a trip from Lexington, KY with Louisville and Nashville 4-6-2 #152 (leased by NS) on a trip to Stearns, Ky. This unusual trip had engine 611 for the return trip to Lexington in the afternoon. You’ll also see N&W 611 on selected shots on the Cincinnati to Lexington, Kentucky section, and interesting set of comparison shots showing 1218 and 611 at the exact same locations on the Cincinnati to Portsmouth (Peavine line) route on different trips. There is a ton of unique material here and a very exciting show of never to repeated performances.

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2 reviews for Norfolk Southern Steam Volume 2

  1. Ron Harber

    Dramatic scenery along the east coast. Great runbys and fantastic triple header that may never be match. 587 & 1218 are on static display around the east coast while the N&W 611 continues to be a fan favorite since she returned to service in the spring of 2015.

  2. Ricky

    This once 1990 Video features more great action on the original NS steam program. First there is 1987 footage with Louisville & Nashville 152 built by Rogers in 1905 as it pulls Through the Rathole to meet with 611 at Stearns, KY. The prequel & Sequel scenes of 152’s meet with 611 can be found on the 45 minute freight video. Then the main Highlight of the video is when NKP 587 built in 1918 by baldwin Doubleheads with 611 on the June 1989 Independence Limited. Eventually, Some of these clips on the 4 day journey can be also shown on Les Jarrett’s program: Steam To The State Fair. The Grand highlight of the 1989 NRHS Convention in Ashville shows 587, 611, & 1218 performing a fantastic tripleheader in Virginia. Keep in mind that this segment was shot about less than a week before Greg went to the west to film his second Union Pacific Steam Video. Then its time for an October 1988 Visit to Ludlow Kentucky with 611 hauling a one-way excursion out of town, and we finish the 2nd program of the NS Steam series with a Comparison segment on the Peavine Route with 1218 in 1988, & 611 in early April of 1989 (A few Days before Greg Headed all the way across the country to shoot “SP 4449 The Daylight”, & the Second Half of Union Pacific Steam Volume one, plus Santa Fe & Southern Pacific Freights in Southern California which were Never used until 1995). The closing credits shows 1218 rolling through Ludlow.

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