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Each locomotive, see the list below, has two pages devoted to it. The first page includes a diagram and measurements along with information such as build dates and former owners. The second page has the technical information, including any rebuild dates. From switchers to the latest dash (Dash 9) units on the NS system in 1997. With build dates of 1947 to 1997, here are fifty years of diesel diagrams. Locomotives are listed by class with classes often represented more than once because of major differences between build dates. Each locomotive diagram set includes the road numbers for that class.

This manual covers road numbers 50 to 9923. This is a wealth of information, including Performance Features, Capacities, Engine, Auxiliary Appliances, Trucks, Brakes, Safety Appliances and more. This manual contains diagrams for every diesel on the Norfolk Southern system in 1997:
TC10, F40PH, SW1, SW1500,
SD9M, SD40, SD40-2, SD50, SD60, SD70,
GP38, GP38-2, GP38AC, GP40, GP40-2, GP40X, GP49, GP59,
B30-7A, B36-7, B23-7, C30-7, C36-7, C39-8, D8-32B, D8-40C, D9-40C, D9-40C
WMP15DC and calf units RP-E4D, RP-E4U, RPA4U, RP-E6-Y, RP-F6Y

This is a scan of an original Norfolk Southern Locomotive Equipment Manual for 1997. 150 pages.

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