Nickel Plate Steam Combo

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Enjoy two Nickel Plate Railroad steam engines in one show with 2-8-2 number 587 and 2-8-4 number 765.

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Enjoy two Nickel Plate Railroad steam engines in one show with 2-8-2 number 587 and 2-8-4 number 765. We begin this show with Nickel Plate 2-8-2 number 587 as it makes its break-in run from Indianapolis in September of 1988. We see it downtown, and then on the Indiana Rail Road for a trial run. Then later in September we witness the first excursions for this engine with two round trips from Indianapolis to Logansport, Indiana. These trips were with the Indiana Transportation Museums lovely train set that included 9 stainless steel former Santa Fe coaches. Next we see 2-8-4 number 765 on two trips during 1987 in cool weather from Huntington to Hinton. This has all different footage from our DVD “NKP 765 Autumn Spectacular” with some different locations such as Stretchers Neck Tunnel and others. You will also hear a second whistle on 765 which was a lovely sounding Pennsy Whistle and the mars light was on the engine in 1987 for a classic Nickel Plate appearance.

These two segments on 765 and 587 were originally released in a 1988 video called “American Steam Volume One”. This new program on DVD, is the first use of these on any DVD however, and we have included some additional footage that includes a day shooting 765 in 1985 on the Huntington-Hinton line. This fast running mainline action is very historic since most steamers cannot operate on mainline tracks in this era, or if they do it is with diesel assist for insurance reasons. There are no diesel helpers in this program on excursion runs!

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2 reviews for Nickel Plate Steam Combo

  1. Zac

    Great first runs of the 587 on the Indiana railroad and first excursion with a couple shots of the RCA dome in the background. Then great runs by the 765 on New River Trains as always. Must have for any Nickel Plate steam fan.

  2. Ricky

    While the 1988 footage of 587 and 1987 action of 765 were reused and re edited from the 1989 tape: American Steam volume one, there are 5 or 6 scenes of 765 in 1985 from one of the lost pilot tapes: new river express. Especially some vintage film clips from Maynard Lang and Perry Becker.

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