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Known popularly as the KATY, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad was a major force in the development of the west, linking Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri and Salina, Kansas to the port of Galveston, Texas.

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Known popularly as the KATY (due to its “K-T” trading symbol), the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad was a major force in the development of the west, linking Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri and Salina, Kansas to the port of Galveston, Texas. Pentrex takes you back to 1988 to explore everyday operations on the KATY just prior to its takeover by Union Pacific. Starting at Dallas, Texas, we’ll make our way to Kansas City, Missouri to explore the northeast portion of the line. Then we’ll travel from Ft. Worth to Galveston and back to experience railroading on the southern stretch.

For the most part, KATY locomotives appear in their green and yellow paint scheme but the former red paint and some Conrail blue can also be seen. GP38s, GP39s, and GP40s make up the majority of the fleet; however, you’ll also enjoy images of SD40s, SD40-2s, an ALCO RS3, and an F7A rebuilt slug. Cabooses were in use on most of these trains; you’ll see them paired with an interesting mix of freight equipment. We caught riveting action on the KATY, with a wide variety of trains. Union Pacific and Burlington Northern also make an appearance, especially at the busy crossing of the Red River Bridge and at Waggoner Crossing. Highlights of the show include street running in La Grange, a ride aboard a KATY train headed for Kansas City, the clickety-clack of steel wheels on jointed rails, yard switching, and long, awesome pacing sequences. These scenes were shot over a several month period, giving you a broader view of what life was like on the KATY before it was absorbed into a new identity. A once mighty fallen flag comes back to life as you enjoy Pentrex’s salute to the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad!

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6 reviews for Missouri Kansas Texas

  1. David Holland

    Fantastic video from pentrex. Like other pentrex video there are always ton of special surprises and this video is no exception. Well worth the money.

  2. rickyfreni

    In this now 30 year old videotape on an 8 year old DVD, the program starts with a 5 unit lash up on a freight. Next we took a look at the MKT headquarters in Dallas. Starting our journey from Denison to parsons, we left the yard as a 6 unit lash up lead by 368, has a blue conrail unit, and a Chicago Central unit in the middle. Of course like many mainline freight trains of the 80s, this one has a caboose on the rear. Next we are at the border bridge crossing the red river as we see a 4 unit lash up with a conrail unit entering Oklahoma. A different freight with a different conrail unit is seen from the water level. Afterwards a Burlington Northern local led by #8352 crosses the river, then Union Pacific crosses the bridge that has an unknown unit in the middle. Then another Union Pacific freight crosses the bridge in the opposite direction. Afterwards, the KATY train had 3 units with its own color. The led unit is all yellow, the middle is green and the third is black. We even see the trio of colors highballing through the unprotected crossing. At Durant Oklahoma, the color trio must wait for a Union Pacific freight to pass by. In the Durant area, a 4 unit train with a conrail unit roars through the crossing, and also through random locations down the line. At McAlester, a 4 unit freight arrives at the yard, with the MKT units and the Yellow Missouri Pacific in the middle. Note that 5032 almost has an identical question mark under the cab window. As evening falls, the additional unit is added behind the conrail unit and the train is underway. In the cab aboard one of the MKT units we pass the coal tower, then we cut to the ground level, as we are out of town. Now we are in the cab again, as we are down the line. Then we cut to trackside angles. At Eufaula, the freight blares it’s RS5T airhorn through the crossing. Next we are at Jacota, where the southbound Union Pacific freight has the right of way. Listen to the RS3L horn. After the meet, the MKT train heads down the line again through unknown locations. Next we are at Wagader Oklahoma where the MKT crosses the diamond and switches that are Union Pacific property. 2 more Union Pacific freights are included as they cross the diamonds one by one. As the MKT train inches closer to the switch, a Burlington Northern train would have to pass by. Listen carefully for what is causing 5066’s horn. The BN freight has 2 Union Pacific units in the middle as well as an unknown darker blue unit diesel. In the background as the BN freight leaves, a Union Pacific freight is waiting at the station depot. After the traffic, we are on the move again. North of the junction, the 603 heads for maize to set up coal cars before it continues on. This coal train had 2 Union Pacific units in the middle, between 603, and the coal train. After the coal is dropped of, the empty train highballs down the line. Now we are at Oswego. This time 191 powers the freight with a Chicago Central unit heading south. Listen to 191’s horn. At Welch, a meet with 603 is held there. After 191 passes through, 603 takes the single track mainline. At parsons, the 603 arrives at the yard passing by the office building. Listen carefully for the crossing bells. A brief tour of parsons yard is included. At the yard we witnessed alco RS3 number 143 that has an EMD engine in it. Slug 500 was rebuilt from an F7A. In the middle is number 99. 17 miles north of Parsons at Erie, a southbound led by 601, conrail unit 246, and 2 Missouri pacific numbers 5042 and 5045 pass through town with an empty coal train. The coal train would have to stop on a siding to let extra 366 go by. Our next scene is at Savonburg. Then the freight blares its horn through random fields. At Paola, the MKT Train crosses onto the Burlington Northern line. In the siding, a different MKT train with Yellow Missouri Pacifc units must wait for a BN mixed trailer train, that was led by orange nose unit number 3158. Once the BN freight is gone, the extra 602 clears the siding heading for its destination. While the coal train leaves the siding, a Burlington Northern freight passes by. It’s being led by numbers 8168 and 7001. Another camera crew captures the same BN & KATY trains from a different angle. At hillsdale, the same BN & Katy trains head south. On a cloudy day but soon switches to downpour in Kansas City Missouri, we see the yard office and the city skyline. This KATY freight has an F unit in the middle, as it leaves the yard. At tower 55 (now demolished) at Fort Worth Texas, we see some switching done at the yard area as we witnessed Penn Central 3112/Katy 238 preparing to go north. North of the tower, the penn Central patched train meets a southbound Chicago Central and conrail patched train heading into the yard. Next we witnessed a shot southbound at Grandview highballing at 50 mph. Afterwards we see a different coal train that is heading southbound as well this time with 602 leading the train, and it had 2 Burlington Northern units in the consist. Not to mention the caboose on the rear. At Hillsboro we see the same BN/MKT combo blaring its horns through town. At Taylor Texas, a southbound gravel train rolls by the station, and crosses the Union Pacific diamond. This one also has the caboose on the rear. Some scenes of the gravel train heading for Houston is included. At smithville, we see the gravel train passing through the yard. At La Grange Texas, there is a little bit of street running to be done as 606 blares its horn passing through the depot. Then we see the gravel train at random locations, with an extra unit added. At the north switch, there is a meet with a single unit doing some chores. At Galveston, we see some yard action, see SW units 302 and 304 on the Galveston railway, plus a look at the 1904 freight office. At Houston, we see the yard north of the town of Katy. This segment features mostly pacing 615 and 624 on a hopper train. Afterwards we are crossing the river bridge. Then it’s back to slow pacing. Now we are at a malfunctioning railroad crossing at Sealy. 615 and 624 have been cut off and we witnessed 184, 621, 629, and 603. The 603 has been cut off, as the other 3 units head for its next assignment. Back at La Grange, there is more street running action going on, and we see an example for the upcoming operation lifesaver demonstration. Afterwards there is more chasing and pacing at random locations. Next we are at smitville for a crew change. After that, we see a BN/Conrail/MKT combo northbound south of Taylor, followed by some pacing, and crossing the diamonds and switches. Next a fast freight with a 7 unit lash up is shown. Back at tower 55, a northbound leaves the yard, and a different freight with an F unit is included. A yellow unit is shown and see some cabooses in tow. Finally the video comes to a close as we witnessed a fast freight led by a yellow unit that has a Chicago Central unit on the consist.

  3. Josh

    This shows a lot of the Katy, right before it was taken over by the Union pacific. Though not documented this shows a lot about what the Katy was about.

  4. T.A.R.


  5. andyweise

    I knew very little of the MKT other than it looked like an interesting railroad. After seeing this video I have to say it is one of my all time favorites. Great video quality for the time. There is a lot of BN, MP, and UP power along with MKT. I love the old CR and PC units patched over there were plenty of them. There are several cab rides and maps to help you along. I state again that the Pentrex videos that focus on railroads in general, like as in covering the enitire system, like the Todays IC and Rio Grande, this video taught me a lot about the MKT. I really wish there were more like this.

  6. Dylan Jones

    This is a great film that shows the Katy, which in my opinion was a railroad that was not often documented. Smaller railroad with lots of action and operation. Very Colorful railroad also.

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