KCS Across the Meridian Subdivision

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The Kansas City Southern has converted a poorly maintained and marginally profitable route spanning the states of Mississippi and Louisiana into a raceway of modern commerce.

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Kansas City Southern has converted a poorly maintained and marginally profitable route spanning the states of Mississippi and Louisiana into a raceway of modern commerce. Cast off as having little hope by previous owner Illinois Central, this line is now part of what KCS calls its Transcontinental Division.

Travel the length of the Meridian Subdivision, across Mississippi from the city of Meridian, through Jackson, to Vicksburg. KCS has a three-carrier alliance with NS and BNSF to haul trains between Atlanta and Dallas. KCS freights, pulled by a fleet of modern diesels, are seen in action on the 140 miles of upgraded track. Local freights ply the line and there are plenty of pulpwood yards and feed elevators to keep them busy. Hotshot intermodal trains and road freights race across the rebuilt track and stop at a newly built yard outside Jackson.

The sleepy South has risen to a booming economy and the region is keeping the railroad busy. But the quaint, small towns and hamlets along the line are a joy to view, retaining the charm of the old South. The hills, curves, and streams presented a challenge to the builders but make a fantastic backdrop for watching trains. Enjoy the history, drama, and excitement of big time railroading as we explore KCS operations across the Meridian Subdivision.

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6 reviews for KCS Across the Meridian Subdivision

  1. Lloyd

    Interesting video. KCS has done a fine job taking a rags railroad line and turning it into a profitable, well run line. Lots of run through trains use this line from NS & BNSF . There is interesting scenery along the way as well, something I did not expect knowing nothing about the US south. Nice video

  2. Ben

    Pentrex did a great job of filming the KCS Meridian Subdivision in the late 90’s. The maps and narration are presented well. We see KCS units in white, grey, and still in MIDSOUTH. At junctions we see NS, Amtrak, and IC action as well.

  3. andyweise

    This video is excellent. If you buy this and like it I do suggest the old Pentrex title about Kansas City Southern. The motive power is a little more colorful in this as the white was changing to grey. Maps and great naration are a plus. The decription of motive power and train symboling was also very nice to see.

  4. NorthAmericanSteelVeins

    This is a great DVD that shows how unique KCS was back then with its variety of EMD locomotives. This DVD also provides excellent insight into the history of Meridian Subdivision from how IC saw it as trash while KCS saw it as a treasure opportunity to turn it into a profitable line.

  5. Dylan Jones

    This movie really hit home for me. I’m from Meridian and actually saw and met the Pentrex crew during filming. Seeing this video brought back a lot of memories for me. Love seeing thos MidSouth Geeps and KCS’ Oscillating headlights!

  6. KC fan

    I loved this show! this comes from a hard core BN,SF,BNSF fan. Great narration, story, and plenty of well shot trains of the KCS. don’t miss it. also I still have this on VHS.

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