Into the Allegheny Range, Part 1, Hancock to Cumberland

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Filmed with the cooperation of CSX, Volume One of this series takes you on an extensive tour of the former B&O mainline that follows the Potomac River between Hancock, West Virginia and Cumberland, Maryland.

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In the early 1990s, Iron Horse America set out to document CSX railroading on the former Baltimore & Ohio mainlines crossing the Allegheny Mountains of the eastern United States. The result was a 4-volume video collection filled with over eleven hours of dramatic coverage. Volume 1, which was filmed in cooperation with CSX , takes you on an extensive tour of the CSX mainline that follows the Potomac River between Hancock, West Virginia and Cumberland, Maryland. This busy ex-B&O double-track mainline twists its way through the spectacular valleys and hills of the Alleghenies.

The highlight of our tour is the astonishing Magnolia Cutoff, an incredible piece of railroad engineering. Four double-track tunnels, two huge bridges, several massive cuts and fills, and a pair of gigantic retaining walls enabled the B&O to gain passage through the Green Ridge of the Alleghenies between Orleans Crossing and Okonoko, West Virginia. This fantastic region, with its beautiful scenery and heavy train traffic, has long been a favorite railfan site.

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3 reviews for Into the Allegheny Range, Part 1, Hancock to Cumberland

  1. aw

    I have this in the old 2-box set VHS. It was one of my favorite videos. Shows early 90’s CSX with plenty plenty of Chessie, Seaboard, Family Lines, ACL, etc and plenty of CSX power in all schemes from bright future to gray.

  2. rrvideoman, Delisle Saskatchewan

    Marketed by Pentrex, produced by Iron Horse America, this video is an indepth look at the operations of the CSX Railroad along the Potomac River through some of the most beautiful, scenic region of the eastern United States. Being that it is not actually produced by Pentrex, the video does not follow the normal Pentrex format. Only 55 miles in length, a great deal of time is spent at multiple locations, some very close to each other. The region is dotted with many tunnels, bridges and close proximaty to the river. The producers spend a fair amount of time at many of the tunnels and bridges, showing views of trains from almost every possible angle, in all seasons of the year. Produced in 1992/1993, we see most the power that has made up the CSX family, including a multiple number of Chessie and some B&O engines in original paint schemes. The power consists are a wide variety of the different engines produced by EMD and GE. Narration is limited somewhat, enough to give the viewer the nescessary info, but then there are screen graphics that aid in locations, train direction, and date filmed. Based on the words of the narrator, the region is easily acessible for rail fans to get some very interesting photo’s and filming of the trains across nearly all the region covered. I found that this video gave myself a real desire to want to plan a trip to the region to see the action in person. It’s a well made presentation

  3. Arthur

    CSX action in the Mountains of West Virginia and Maryland

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