Hot Spots 17 Chicago’s Roosevelt Road

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Roosevelt Road is just outside Chicago’s Union Station and hosts both Metra and Amtrak – it is a very busy hot spot.

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Roosevelt Road is just outside Chicago’s Union Station and hosts both Metra and Amtrak – it is a very busy hot spot! This is a commuter and passenger railfan’s dream location. You’ll see new Metra MP36PH-3Ss and F40PH-2s as they shuttle stainless steel bi-levels on high speed runs. Watch as Amtrak shows off their P42-BWHs. This is a busy place with multiple train meets – truly a railroad hot spot.

Special features include the ability to turn the narration on and off.

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4 reviews for Hot Spots 17 Chicago’s Roosevelt Road

  1. Lloyd

    Roosevelt Road, Chicago… a great video for anyone who loves a parade of commuter/passenger trains. However…. it does not take long to get bored and end up having a nap. Picture yourself as a rail fan standing in one spot for over 1 & 1/2 hours watching the same thing. The trains are nearly all the same… there is very little variety. Narration is poor, and no screen graphics to help anyone not familiar with the location. If I had purchased this video as my 1st hot spot video by this producer, it would have been my last hot spot video.

  2. thederf2010

    I live in Chicago and am familiar with this hot spot. Unfortunately, security being what it is, I don’t know if one would be allowed to stand on a bridge with a camera for an extended time so near a major downtown area. So I enjoyed this video effectively doing this for me. Even so, some more narration or on-screen information would have helped.

  3. Railrunner.

    Absolutely boring. A good start and for about 10 minutes….. it is ok. The narration at the beginning is helpful understanding the location and the trains that are seen and to be seen. But simply watching commuter trains at the station location for the time span of this video backing in and departing gets very boring very fast. Highball really failed on this one.

  4. Chicago Bill

    Lots of trains… lots of acceleration and lots of people… just lots of lots. If you like commuter action, this really is a good DVD.

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