Heritage Collection 2, Five classic PR films of the 1940s & 1950s

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Five promotional films feature both steam and early diesel power in rare glimpses of an earlier time. These advertising films promoted the value railroads played in the public's daily lives.

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From the archives of Pentrex Media Group comes the second in a series of vintage railroading films from the 1940s and 1950s. Volume 1 has been a big hit and now Volume 2 takes another look at vintage railroading! Volume 2 contains five promotional films that will delight railroad enthusiasts of all ages! Both steam and early diesel power are featured in these rare glimpses of an earlier time. These advertising films helped promote awareness in the minds of the American public about the value railroads played in their daily lives. Take a nostalgic journey back to those former days with these historic films:

Song of the Pioneer
Relive the earliest days of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad with exciting footage of streamlined C&NW passenger trains. Color. 22 Minutes.

The Railroad Story
This rare film tells the dramatic story of Illinois railroads, with footage of over 12 different systems. See CB&Q F-units, Wabash PAs, Nickel Plate Geeps, passenger and freight operations, Korean War troop trains, and more. Color. 23 Minutes.

A Railroad at Work
In this Milwaukee Road PR film produced in the late 1940s, you’ll experience crack passenger trains, hard-working freights, solid ore trains, and streamlined, steam-powered Hiawathas. B&W. 26 Minutes.

Opening a New Frontier
Follow a piggyback truck trailer from start to finish on a high-speed run from Chicago to New York. This show is about the latest innovations brought to rail service in 1955. B&W. 13 Minutes.

Rolling the Freight
Centered around C&NW’s giant Proviso Yard, this film shows how freight was moved in the late steam era of the 1940s. You’ll see hump yard switching, freight handling, and car loading plus run-bys with both steam and early diesel powered freights. B&W. 29 Minutes.

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1 review for Heritage Collection 2, Five classic PR films of the 1940s & 1950s

  1. rickyfreni

    A trip back in time to witness everyday work on these railroads are very decent to see, as well as a variety of power (both steam and diesels) which have since been retired, displayed, sold to museums, and sadly gone for scrap. Not to mention being merged in the 80s and 90s. Overall, good compilation, decent trains, and fine music with informative narration as these company films will take you back way before the internet, social media, and also online shopping.

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