Great Northern Diesel Locomotive Diagrams


56 diagrams from early SW units to F45 and U33C locos.

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With build dates of 1937 to 1969, here is a history of first and second generation diesels. Each locomotive, see the complete list of locomotives included below, has a diagram and information about the locomotive. There is an excellent index/table of contents listing each type and number of locomotive. This diagram book was last updated in 1969 and shows all locomotives active at that time. While the last page is numbered 100, it is apparent that pages were left for future purchases and some pages were pulled as locomotives were retired. The index is accurate and shows that no pages are missing from this diagram book. Unusual locomotives featured include a very early EMD locomotive switcher listed as a 201A-SW (later rebuilt), a Budd RDC car and GN’s 1968 remote control units.

Locomotives are listed by GN road number and class with classes often represented more than once because of differences between build dates/features. Each locomotive diagram includes the road numbers for that diagram. This covers GN road numbers 1 to 3040. This diagram book contains diagrams for every diesel on the Great Northern in 1969:
EMD SW1, SW7, SW8, SW9, SW-1200, SW-1500, 201A-SW, NW2, NW5,
F5, F7, F9, F45, E7, EA7, SD7, SD9, SD40 SPD40, SDPSD45,
GP-7, GP-9, GP-9L, GP-9L (rebuilt FT units), GP-20, GP30, GP35
GE units: U25B, U28B, U33C
Budd RDC Baggage Coach

This is a scan of an original Great Northern Railway Diesel Locomotive Diagram Book. 71 pages. 13 index pages and 56 diagrams. Updated to 1969. 8.5 by 11 inches.

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