Gears in the Woods, Shays at Cass

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We see all four operating Shays in action, with the signature triple header and side by side run-by’s, with lots of close ups of the machinery.

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Travel to Cass, West Virginia to see the Shays in action on the Cass Scenic Railroad. It’s a railfan weekend, plus a Carl Franz photo freight special. We see all four operating Shays in action, with the signature triple header and side by side run-by’s, with lots of close ups of the thrashing machinery. Lots of sound, fury and smoke and not much motion… totally amazing!

The narration can be turned off and on. Dolby Audio.

This is a Highball Productions best seller.

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7 reviews for Gears in the Woods, Shays at Cass

  1. Lloyd

    Shay engines are unique being gear driven power. The video is a nice presentation of these interesting machines. I am not a fan of runby action, nor of the pillars of smoke the engines are seen putting out. But, being a weekend for the rail fans, it can be understood why it was done. That said, a 30 minute video would have been enough.

  2. John

    I found this video to be very repetitive, showing the same runbyes from various angles. Adding narration, explaining various attributes of the Shay engine and Cass Railroad in general would have added greatly to this video.

  3. Trump lover

    If you like meaningless runbys, seeing the same thing over and over again….. buy this video. What is nearly a 2 hour long video could easily have been 34 minutes.
    It is great to see the Shay engines in operation, I will admit. These are a unique engine that is gone forever and worth seeing. But what a waist of time watching it for so long. I watched it to the end hoping for something interesting to pop up….. but just the same old runbys adding to the video time.

  4. Dale

    I live fairly close to Cass and am able to go there quite frequently. I probably own most of the videos ever made about Cass and this video is the best I have ever seen. Definitely well worth buying! Great video!

  5. Gear Guy

    The video is excellent, but the sound may be the star here. You can really hear the Shays working hard, and when three go past us at one time, the sound is truly awesome. We follow the Shays up the mountain and even ride with them for a bit. This is a program you will want to hear as well as watch.

  6. Steam King

    Lots of smoke and whistle and even a caboose! We see all four Shays at the Cass Scenic Railroad – and even three on one train at the same time… a tripleheader! The mountain and forest scenery is fantastic too. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

  7. Everywhere West

    This program features a lot of action, even with logging buggies behind the engine. These Shays worked hard for loggers, and still do at Cass. I’d love to see them myself, but, since I have yet to make the trip to West Virginia, this DVD will have to do. 🙁

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