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Tank car diagrams, exploded views, part numbers and information, from GATX. The 200 pages are divided into sections: Forward, Industry Associations and Regulatory Agencies, Commodity and Car Classification, Stenciling, Tank Car Arrangement Drawings, Tank Car Components, Tank Car Anatomy, Loading/Unloading of Tank Cars, Tanktrain System, Appendix. Information included: stenciling information and diagram, diagrams of various types of tank cars (approximately 60 of these diagrams), a diagrams of tank car components (about 25 of these diagrams) and information on loading/unloading, commodities carried and much more.

NOTE: While the cover page says Tank and Freight Car Manual, the section for Freight Car just has a single page that says “Freight Car section will be available in the second quarter of 1994.” – so there is no freight car section. The tank car section, indeed, the entire book, is complete as originally published.

This is a scan of an original GATX Tank and Freight Car Manual. 6th edition. Updated to 1994. Pages are 8.5×11 inches, 200 pages.

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