Frisco SLSF Railway Freight Car Diagrams

SKU: INF-DM-SLSF-Freight-1974


Frisco cabooses and freight cars of all kinds. 303 pages, about 150 diagrams.

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303 pages with roughly 150 diagrams of Frisco freight cars and cabooses. From auto racks to wood rack cars… to specialized cars such as depressed center flat cars – here are the cars the Frisco owned in 1974. Each diagram page includes dimensional details and builder notes, number of cars and more. The facing page for each diagram includes detailed notes on the equipment for each car series. According to the index these types of cars are covered in the book, most have several diagrams covering different series of each car type: Cabooses, Flat Car, Auto Loader, Auto Transport, Auto-Truck Transport, Special Flat, Canopy Flat, Depressed Center Flat, Heavy Duty Flat, Wall Board car, Bulkhead Flat, Wood Rack, Wood Chip, Insulated Box Car, Box Car – DF Loader, Box Car, Cushioned Box, Hydra Cushioned Box, Auto Parts Box, High Roof Box, Gondola, High Side Gon, DF Gon, B/H Gon, Air Dump, Covered Hopper, Ore Car, Aluminum Center Flow Covered Hopper, Airslide Covered Hopper, Hopper, Woodchip Hopper, Ballast Car, Chain Tie Cars, Loader Dana Ramp, Auto Box, Brass Box, Tank Car and Mechanical Reefer.

This is a scan of an original Frisco Freight Car Diagram book. A few of the original diagrams were older, lighter blueprints and so some of these scans are light. However all diagrams are readable. 303 pages. The last update is 1974. Pages are 13 inches by 5 inches, the zoom feature of the PDF allows a very close look at details. The book includes a 6 page index. Interestingly, the page numbers start, both in the index and the book, with 149 and end with 293.

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