Englewood Railway, North America’s Last Logging Railroad

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See operations on a busy Englewood Railway in 1990…and some of the last video ever shot before the railroad shut down in 2017.

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At the turn of the century there were scores of logging railroads on Canada’s Vancouver Island. One had to be the last… and it was the Englewood Railway. Pentrex takes you back to 1990 for an “up-close” visit to the Englewood Railway, owned at that time by CANFOR (Canadian Forest Products). See logs move from forest to the sea on a 76-mile-long railway that is the backbone of a modern forest operation. Visit the dispatcher’s office. Ride the cab of unique diesels on the log train. We even see 2-8-2 No. 113, a goodwill ambassador for the company (while still being able to “earn her keep” hauling logs occasionally).

Sadly the Englewood Railway no longer operates, but Pentrex adds to the original presentation with photos and video from the last days of the operation, in 2017 when it was owned by Western Forest Products.

A bonus is the 1937 industry film “Trees to Tribunes”. This vintage film shows the process from standing timber to paper for the pages of the Chicago Tribune.

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2 reviews for Englewood Railway, North America’s Last Logging Railroad

  1. DeVerne Coleman

    I liked what they did with the update. The only failure was that the current 113 on static display wasn’t featured in the end piece, and the classic yellow and black image didn’t get to share the front cover. But the way they handled the update was nice and the classic video is amazing as is to be expected from pentrex.

  2. rickyfreni

    In this soon to be 30 year old videotape, the program starts with lumberjacks cutting trees down with chainsaws as well as a look at one of the mountains themselves with a sign that says welcome to the nimpkish valley. Next, diesel switcher 301 is towing the load backwards, followed by a double diesel freight as they pass by the water. Meanwhile, there is a picnic party going on, while 2-8-2 number 113 is pulling the tour train with only a single coach, and a flatbed with benches installed as they negotiate an S curve. The ride is open every Tuesday and Thursday and surprisingly enough, it’s 100% free! More people are on the ferry boat to Vancouver island, as some boats and ships are shown in the water, followed by a pair of RDC budd cars as they’re on via train 199 heading north. Power for this train are. Cars 6133 and 6134 as they’re making a passenger stop. Some driving on the open road footage is shown, as it takes about 2 hours from Courtney. The sign for the Englewood railway is shown, which includes an animated map. The railroad is located in Woss BC. An early morning visit was made to the shops in early July of 1991, as it was told by dispatcher Duncan McGregor.

    Besides the 1991 footage, there is plenty of out of business footage from 2017, as well as a Black & White film from 1937.

    Overall, great flashback to what railroading in the far western section of Canada has to offer for railfans everywhere.

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