Donner Pass Combo: Battle for Donner Pass & Across Donner Summit

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This 140-mile stretch of Southern Pacific, now Union Pacific, double-tracked mainline challenges trains to 2.3 percent grades on its 85-mile eastbound climb to the 7,000-foot elevation at Donner Summit.

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Between Roseville, California and Sparks, Nevada lies one of the most difficult sustained climbs in American railroading, the Donner Summit route. This 140-mile stretch of formerly Southern Pacific, now Union Pacific, double-tracked mainline routinely challenges trains to 2.3 percent grades on its 85-mile eastbound climb to the 7,000-foot elevation at Donner Summit. In this new Donner Combo DVD you can experience over three hours of thrilling Donner action in these two dynamic shows:

Battle for Donner Pass (1 Hour 17 Minutes)
Here is the incredible story of the Southern Pacific men and equipment that fought impossible odds to keep this historic mountain pass open through winter’s worst storms. This amazing saga takes you right into the cabs of the equipment and introduces the people whose job it was to keep the tracks clear. You’ll see the flangers and regulators, spreaders and bulldozers, rotaries and more! (Produced by Video Rails 1993)

Across Donner Summit (2 Hours)
Our host and personal guide through this exciting presentation is noted railroad photographer and historian Richard Steinheimer. Heavy Southern Pacific trains use the original route built over the summit by the Central Pacific Railroad in the 1860s. After 120 years of continual use, the obstacles are still staggering. Steep grades, sharp curves, and cruel weather face the trains on their way over the Sierra Nevada. Helpers are required in both directions. You’ll see flangers and spreaders clear the line of accumulated snow. Freight and passenger trains roll over Donner in bitter storms and as clear skies brighten the surrounding snow cover. Witness the majesty of nature and the indomitable will that keeps the trains moving over SP’s Donner Summit! (Produced by Pentrex 1992)

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5 reviews for Donner Pass Combo: Battle for Donner Pass & Across Donner Summit

  1. Warbonnet Productions

    I really enjoyed this DVD. Getting to see how the railroads clear tracks from the snow is interesting and fun to watch. It also has lots of nice scenery, which would make a great background for anything. Its made me want to visit the area, defiantly would recommend this.

  2. Lloyd

    Donner Pass… 7,000 feet (2,133 meters) above sea level is a very challenging railroad pass, espescially in the winter with the extreme amount of snow. The Southern Pacific works extremely hard to keep the pass open, and hard work it is. Winter fighting equipment is put to the test and we see it all including the rotaries & bull dozers. And to give the show it’s best is the scenic beauty of the region. Top notch production.

  3. iliketrains

    Highly recommend. The Battle for Donner Pass is unlike any railfan DVD you’ve ever seen. Great behind the scenes footage of a rare operation.

  4. Mike

    Donner pass is one of the best locations to film trains for all rail fans. This video has wonderful photography throughout and is narrated with a fine example of what the viewer is experiencing throughout the show.

  5. Kevin Willie

    Donner Pass can be very unpredictable for the weather it see’s See How SP cleared Tunning of Ice and snow watch in aww how the Rerail a Tunnel Motor You’ll love this Video – Battle For Donner Pass

    Across Donner Summit – Trains of the Southern Pacific now Union Pacific have been Battling the 2.4% grade for over 150 years see the Challenges Crews Face each time the go up and down the pass

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