#DONE Big Boy 4014 Returns to Steam (NOW SHIPPING!)


The Big Boy 4014 is now the world’s largest and most powerful operating steam locomotive at 1.2 million pounds and 7,000 horsepower. See historical footage of Big Boys, including 4014 in the 1950s, and new footage from May 2019, complete with interviews from people who were there.


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Union Pacific 4014 has returned to steam and the mainline… after 60 years without being able to turn wheel on rail under its own power! UP brought her back to life to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike  This DVD features exclusive historical footage, brand new (May 2019) footage and footage from 4014’s trip from the RailGiants site in California to Cheyenne to be rebuilt by the UP steam shop crew. We’ll see 4014 at all the hot spots, including Echo Canyon and the Wasatch grade. We’ll hear from people who were there. We’ll briefly visit Promontory and see (and hear!) the two replica steam locomotives built for the 100th anniversary Golden Spike celebration!

Longtime Pentrex narrator Dave Drui tells us the story behind this amazing event. Of course, we will also see UP’s “Living Legend” 844 as she accompanies 4014 to Ogden. 4014 and 844 doubleheaded the entire way and then we’ll see the two steamers nose-to-nose in Ogden on the day of the anniversary celebration. This DVD and Blu-ray presentation is worthy of the 1.2 million pound, 7,000 horsepower Big Boy!

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